collecting donations online for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

If you want to help, but don’t know how…
this is a good place to start

Thanks for posting this.

They’ve had $50,000 in donations in the last 90 minutes. Makes me proud of people.

I just made a donation, as I can’t give blood at the moment.

It’s over 80,000 now.

Nice to see the funds flowing in. I just donated, and will attempt to donate blood in the next few days (I have issues with those needles).

I just donated too. Thank you for the site.

I’m severly angry at myself that I just got a tattoo, can’t donate any blood today. This makes me feel a little less useless.

800 dead in the Pentagon. Holy god.

[slight hijack]

Does anyone know where to donate to the families of the emergency personnel killed responding to the tragedy? I would really like to do so.


Thanks for making this info available. I feel a tiny bit better now, having done something.

it’s up to over 150,000 collected now


I have to wait to give blood, but they say they’ll be needing donations for at least a month

Thanks for posting this thread. I’ve alerted my friends on other boards.

I just wanted to note a few other options:

  1. Paypal is also accepting donations for the ARC, if you don’t have an Amazon account set up but do have a Paypal account set up;

  2. The American Red Cross is also accepting direct donations through its website (, which will be just as easy to use unless you already have credit cards set up at Amazon or Paypal;

  3. Many Coinstar machines accept donations directly to the ARC. Consider taking your spare change jar to the nearest machine, if you have them in your community.

From the ARC site, on how spare change makes a difference:

66 pennies: Allows us to give a child any one of 11 “after the disaster” coloring books and a box of crayons.

I read that, and for the first time today, cried.