Amazon has cancelled The Tick after two seasons

Boo! Hiss! I liked Season 1 and loved Season 2.

Now we’ll never know about the monster lurking inside of Ty Rathbone.

Here’s the link.

ive always felt bad for the fans of this character …every 5 or 10 years this gets made and then just when it gets going it gets dumped … i dont think even the cartoon lasted all that long …

Well, that sucks.

Well crap. I just watched the last episode of Series 2…and probably the last episode.

I love the modern option of streaming a series. I hate that these series seem to be cancelled after only one or two seasons.

Well, this one lasted twice as long as the first. And maybe they can find someone else to carry the show although that’s a longshot.

This is the third attempt, one animated, and one live action before this?

The comics don’t get that much exposure or distribution too. I read them in the late 80s and early 90s, and their offshoots like Man Eating Cow, and was it Paul the Samurai? There was a comic run a year or two ago I missed, and I don’t think it reached my comic shop in the UK and there wasn’t a graphic novel of it printed to catch it otherwise…

Ironically amazon doesn’t sell a lot of the comics, you have to navigate past the flea treatments and the series adverts and ask for it specifically.

The animated version reached three seasons. Oddly enough, I’ve never watched that one.

I recall reading the original comic series in its first run. I remember that the publisher had a very hard time keeping to a regular publication schedule. We never knew if or when a new issue was forthcoming.


Dammit. This one was so good.

Well that fucking sucks. Season 2 was one of the best things I’ve ever seen on television.



I just stumbled on this show yesterday, and watched the first two episodes last night. Then I hear this. Damn.

Well shit. Maybe we could start a campaign to do something evil if Amazon doesn’t bring it back. We could just… Eat a kitten!

Damn :frowning:

Unhappiest of days!

Season 1 was one of the most-viewed seasons globally for Amazon in 2017 next to the first two seasons of The Man in the High Castle, and the first seasons of Grand Tour and Sneaky Pete. I can’t find any viewership figures for season 2 but dang, it was good.

Seriously, WTF, Amazon? Were the effects too expensive? Did you spend all your money on Good Omens?

I read an article recently that said that Netflix’s metrics indicate diminishing returns for more than 30 episodes and that too many seasons can turn off prospective watchers who feel overwhelmed by the amount of content they’d have to watch to get ‘caught up’. Perhaps Amazon has similar research.

Really? Then why did Netflix recently pick up a show cancelled by another network that already had 57 episodes in the can and produced 10 more?

Clearly, there’s more than just “number of episodes” at work. Lucifer wasn’t even the first show Netflix picked up from someone else and continued to produce: Riders/Defenders of Berk had 40 episodes already when Netflix picked it up from the Cartoon Network and churned out another 78 episodes under the title Race to the Edge but really it was all the same show (part of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise). There might be more than that, those are just the two I personally had an interest in.

People could get together and petition Amazon to change their minds - can’t hurt, right? Might even work, 'cause sometimes that does (going all the way back to the original series of Star Trek).

Go ask Business Insider about it.

Looks like it’s a general rule rather than a hard and fast one. Hmm…

You at least need to see the Tick Loves Santa episode.