Amazon not delivering packages on time, anyone else notice this?

A couple times this week they have delivered a day late. I have prime. Anyone else have issues? The drivers use an Amazon truck but they told me they work for a local guy, not for Amazon. We are getting a big Amazon warehouse sometime this summer , will have 1500 people and robots. We have a couple of smaller Amazon warehouses now. I read they are having problems with the 1 day delivery for prime since they started offering that .

Other than the post office a couple of towns over claiming in early December that my Amazon packages were delayed because of a “natural disaster” two different times the same week - yeah, same post office both times - when there had been no weather issues that week, I haven’t noticed things being especially late in the past few months.

No problems with Amazon deliveries; twice they came a day early.

I’ve noticed the opposite. They estimate a delivery time, say three days, and it arrives in two. Customers are happier that way, I would think.

Haven’t had any missed delivery dates lately, but there was a stretch a while back where I had 7 or 8 shipments show up late in a 10 month period. I complained about it and got an extra month of Prime credited for each late shipment. A couple of times the agent tried to get away with saying how sorry Amazon was and they were taking steps to make sure service would improve. My reply was to ask what exactly was the “guarantee” part of their two-day delivery guarantee and they credited my Prime account quickly after that.

I buy a lot from Amazon. So far the only time their promised delivery hasn’t happened was a single package they told me would be late, apologized about it, and gave me some sort of credit about.

I just had seven books delivered by Amazon (from 5 different suppliers) - either on time or a day early. :cool:

From the description you could live near me.

Da Jungle has been having some issues with “direct delivery stations” (the places with the full boxes and fleets of vans). Lately most have canned all the drivers working directly for them and all that volume is now shifted to the various logistics-ish operations who provide drivers for our vans in addition to even more vans and drivers. It will take a little time to get everything even again. That and the normal headaches around winter weather. Our weather can be fine but if your package started out being filled in Indy or San Diego ------- crap happens.

Probably damaged at our place and needed to be replaced. It happens a lot less than you would think. My shift, for 17k packages a day, usually has less than 15 that do not make it to the customer on time; almost always due to some sort of damage.

And there was that magnet that got caught under the rollers that no-one noticed – :smiley: – but that was a real freak event.

I’ve experienced a streak of this c. October. Like three or four packages in a row spaced out over a couple of weeks, all promised to be delivered by 9 p.m. one day, and then I get a “sorry, it’ll come tomorrow” email. Hmmm…I don’t see it in any recent emails, but I may have junked all those as I developed a cleaner inbox/archive strategy mid-year last year. I do see two “Amazon delayed” emails on two different dates from February of 2019, though. It seems to come in clumps for me, but that could just be pure coincidence. The last month or two it’s been consistently on time, and we’ve had several dozen packages delivered in that time.

Amazon Prime’s “two day” shipping has always been unreliable for us. They all too often take a few days to ship it and then maybe it arrives two days after that. Now with one day shipping, there are even more variants. I’ve had a couple packages get to the local dist. center and then crickets.

As far as I can tell, there’s a dist. center in NC that if one of my packages goes there that’s the last I’ll ever hear of it. Apparently it’s the place where damaged packages/labels stuff goes to to see if it can be recovered. Had this happen again two weeks ago. Ended up reordering. Over a week to get a Prime product.

It’s an American company. “Two-days” is an ad, not a promise.

I had an item that was shipped in a timely manner and then sat for a month at the nearest hub. I got my money back at 2 weeks late and then 2 weeks later it was delivered.

It was a container of catnip.

I live in Iowa where People Nip is illegal (neighboring state of Illinois just made it legal). I’m guessing someone thought it was the devil’s lettuce and it took that long for someone else to open the container and test it.

When I opened the package the jar’s lid had some kind of sticker across the top of it. I forget what it said but I do recall giggling loudly with the Mistermage about “Really, it’s freaking catnip!”

I’ve had enough packages arrive late to be noticeable. The first time it was all apologizes and a free month’s credit added to the Prime subscription. Since then, it’s just ¯_(ツ)_/¯ if I bring it up and bullshit excuses about how it’s two day delivery but not until after processing, etc (despite the webpage clearly saying “Order in the next three hours to receive by…”)

They’re all over the place lately.

We buy with some regularity fancy Italian cherries from Amazon. I noticed we were out last week, and placed an order. For whatever reason, even though they were Prime, they had some long shipping date and weren’t going to be here until the end of next week. Noticing this on Wednesday, I went “WTF? Ok, I’ll just order some more, we go through them enough and they’re shelf-stable.” So I place another order, it ships, supposed to be here on Friday.

On Friday, some goofiness happened with UPS and we got a notice the shipment was delayed due to weather (or something. It wasn’t that bad out, so :confused:)

Again, no big deal, we can handle it.

Today the original order showed up, delivered via USPS. The one that wasn’t supposed to be here until NEXT Friday.

Color me confused. Whatever, we got our cherries. But I have no clue what Amazon was doing around the shipping on those.

I could mention the time I opened up a 53 foot long trailer to find one (1) envelope all the way in the back but if I did you wouldn’t believe me. Or the two months when we got a trailer every day with less than 24 packages on it. That shipping pledge is real but ----- something in the math burps now and then and ANYTHING can happen. Add the human element (did I ever mention the driver who left St Louis for Pgh and ended up in Macon Georgia?) and -------- lets just say my “surprised” bar is really really high. :smiley: . And you got us shipping to us, us shipping to us and the the USPS, us shipping UPS to the USPS, us shipping UPS. At some point of some days I am amazed anything shows up anywhere. The logistics are staggering and our software old and -------- tis a puzzlement.

Packages came on time yesterday. Looks like they will be on time today too.

Mine are usually on time. Sometimes they are early, sometimes they are late, about equal numbers. The packages I have the most problems with are from third-party sellers, I always try to avoid them.

UPS does a good job in our area, things were best back when Amazon just used UPS. Now with Fedex and USPS in the mix, delivery times are more variable.

If I ship items directly to my house, they are late nearly 100% of the time if shipped USPS. But the issue is that the post office lies 100% of the time and marks the package as delivered the day before or even two days before they deliver it.

Generally they deliver on the day they say they will. But I’m pretty sure I’ve had situations where they said it’d take 3-4 days to ship something despite me having prime. I’m guessing I got items that aren’t in the local warehouse when that happens.

I had maybe one or two packages get delayed a day back in December, which I attributed to the holiday rush. It didn’t seem to be a trend, and as others said more often that not my amazon packages are either on time or early.

They used to always show up on time for me, but since mid-December everything I’ve ordered from Amazon has consistently come exactly one day late. Probably about 8-10 packages in a row. I assumed the holiday rush was the reason at first, but it’s late January and I’d think they would be caught up by now, so there must be something more to it.