Problems with Amazon's own delivery service?

Amazon has started delivering stuff using their own service here recently.

And things have not been going well.

Packages arrive at the local dist. center the night before delivery is scheduled … and then nothing. No updates or anything except “We’re sorry …” posts.

The last time after enough time passed, I got a replacement order via UPS. And then after a while the original showed up. I asked Amazon online what to do with the extra. No response.

It’s happening again. Sheesh. I wish I could opt out and go with USPS or UPS.

Anyone else having problems with their new delivery service?

This is the first I have heard of this.

How do you know if your package is being shipped through their own delivery service?

Yeah, similar thing happened to me last week. A package was scheduled for delivery via the Amazon service on Tuesday. They even showed a cool live map displaying where the truck was. At one point it said “Next stop” on the map. The truck appeared to drive around within a few miles of the delivery address for a couple hours and then the status changed to “Sorry” and said the delivery would be rescheduled. The next day the same thing happened – “Next stop” for a few hours, then rescheduled. Finally it was delivered on Thursday.


My problem is that the Amazon delivery guy leaves boxes in the middle of my driveway. Like, they couldn’t possibly be more visible from the road. And I have to move them to get the car into the garage.

Also, they are completely unprotected from the rain. I have twice had trouble actually moving the package because the exterior box had basically dissolved, and fell apart when I tried to lift it. I had to move the contents indoors and then go pick up the sodden mass of what was left of the box. Twice.

My neighbors also complain that he drives too fast and they worry about their kids being safe.

The first time I thought it was UPS. Then I looked more carefully at the shipping info.

(The UPS driver might have done this, too, although they at least tried to perch it under a little piece of roof. But UPS has a nice feature that lets you specify where you want stuff delivered. Since telling UPS that I want packages delivered at my front door I haven’t had any trouble with them.)

Click on “Track package” on the “Your Orders” page, and you’ll see something like “Shipped with AMZL US” or “Shipped with USPS”.

Amazon’s “live map” of my neighborhood had my house in completely the wrong place. I didn’t get my package.

I contacted Amazon and told them their map was wrong. I even corrected their map, writing the correct address number over each house and sending the edited map back to them.

They seem to have corrected their map. Packages from “AMZL US” now arrive reliably, and their on-site tracking info even includes a photo of the package sitting on my porch, a feature that I LOVE them for.

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At the beginning of 2018 they completely stopped using USPS here and all of my packages are delivered via AMZL and occasionally UPS.

I haven’t had a problem. All of my packages end up neatly on the front porch. Once I left a note for someone else taped to the front door to come to the back door. And my packages also came to the back door. I like the map when my packages are getting close and the picture when they are delivered. And lately my non-same-day packages have started arriving at 8:00 am!

I can’t really complain.

When Amazon first started their in-house delivery in my area a few years ago, all of the problems described in this thread were common. They seem to have their act together now, though. I suppose if they are just starting up in an area, there are kinks that have to be worked out. Finding good drivers is probably one of them. Give it time, and hopefully things will improve.

If you go to your orders and track the package it will show how it was shipped. If it says AMZL then it’s their internal shipping. Something to keep in mind is that AMZL is part of the “gig economy”, like Uber, etc. The delivery person is someone who has signed up to pick up and deliver Amazon packages, so any given delivery is just some random person who may be great or terrible.

My experience has been that AMZL deliveries have been as good or better than other methods. I really like the feature of them being required to take pictures of the packages they drop off, and the delivery notification is about instantaneous. On the other hand, they are more likely to just knock on the door, leave the package, and get on their way, where UPS usually waits a minute for me to get to the door to receive the shipment directly.

I hate when I see that they are shipping with USPS (which they still do in my area). Their tracking is getting better, but I’m never confident with USPS. It’s a crap-shoot if their notifications are accurate, and whether they deliver to the door or the mailbox.

If you are having trouble with the AMZL service in your area I think the best recourse is to complain for every problem delivery. They are probably aware of it already, but you might get credit, and if they aren’t aware of it they need to be. It could be one problem driver not keeping up with their agreement, and if that’s the case, that driver needs to be fired.

I’ve only had one package delivered by AMZL. It was supposed to arrive 2 days before I went on a trip, and I watched the map during the day with some interest. But it didn’t arrive and I got a “sorry” message; nothing the next day. 4 days later the package was delivered, which I found out while I was about 1000 miles away from home. Fortunately my neighbor picked it up and took into their house for safekeeping. All of the packages since then have been from USPS, which I prefer because they actually ring the bell and wait for me, instead of dropping it and running (I’m looking at you, UPS and FedEx (for other vendors)).

I’m not sure if my problems are due to the driver. I haven’t seen “Out for delivery” status on any of my problem packages. Just “Package delayed in transit.”

Re: doorbell ringing. USPS never rings the bell. UPS once in a great while.

We used to sometimes get stuff delivered via LaserShip. Those people are idiots.

Someone needs to take Amazon to court over their “2-day shipping” promise.

I saw a story on TV about Amazon 's delvery, shot inside some cavernous Amazon warehouse with a plethora of workers, and this shot unbidden into my head:

…and then in the background a blonde-haired worker shouts out “I used to be a dentist!”

Amazon is crazy good at delivering to my house. I just checked my last few orders and they’re a mixture of Amazon, UPS, USPS and even DHL. I know we get a lot of Amazon packages delivered around here - I see the little transit vans. Packages just arrive, all day and all night. Usually faster than anticipated.

Maybe it’s because I live on a quiet suburban street and my house is clearly marked, and easily found on a map.

I agree with **GESancMan **- it will probably get better with time. Once drivers become familiar with your area, they will be better at delivering. Heck, our US Mail in my neighborhood is generally terrible, because our usual postal worker retired and now we’re just an “extra” route for anyone to fill. A different postal worker every day pretty much. Mail is not reliable here - but junk from Amazon is!

My only problem with AMZL was they delivered a package, but updated the status as “Undeliverable - no such address”. So Amazon refunded me. I called & emailed them to tell them that I got the product and they could keep my money, (I started a thread about it) but they left the refund in place. So yay AMZL I guess.

This is true of me, too.

But last night, I got an email saying “we tried to deliver your package, but the facility was closed”. The “facility” in question was my home, and I was there. No, they didn’t ring the bell.

The weather was nasty, and I suppose the driver didn’t want to leave his warm van to climb up the flight of steps to my front door, so he just marked us “closed”. I had a cheerful half hour on the phone with Amazon last night. They said it would be shipped today. She promised to put a note saying that packages should be left on my front stoop (which is under a roof, and quite safe), and also she said she could “deprioritize” Amazon’s delivery service for so, so they will be more likely to send things by other carriers. Since I have no problems with UPS or USPS, and FedEx is okay, this should be an improvement…

Of course, the last time I complained they gave me $20 for my trouble and promised to add a note to my account says “packages should be left on my front stoop”. So we’ll see.

My guess is he saw that note, and that’s why he decided we “weren’t home”, rather than just throwing the package on my driveway.

I think I’ll keep complaining until they hire a new driver, or train this one.

My continuing saga.

I ordered another thing two days ago and it just arrived. Sent via AMZL. Grrr. Left in a stupid place. Grrr.

Watching the van on the map showed at first that there were 8 stops ahead of me. All in my little neighborhood. I guess for an area like ours where a lot of people order from Amazon running your own delivery service makes sense.*

The package that was supposed to have been here Sunday is still stuck somewhere. No “updates” in two days (and the info is decidely unhelpful).

Since it wasn’t on the truck today that probably means it won’t be delivered today and tomorrow I get to file a complaint about it. Soooo looking forward to all that. It will take a least a week to get the thing.

  • Amazon clearly hasn’t thought thru the security implications of displaying this info. It’s pretty easy to see where the truck stopped for a bit and a package has been left. Making it even easier for porch pirates.

How? Only a customer sees the map.
So far, the only real problem I’ve had is the driver sometimes marks the delivery as “Handed to resident” when they left it on the porch.

I’ve complained to both Amazon and USPS about this “handed to resident” piece, pointing out to both that this suggests I accepted delivery when I wasn’t there to inspect for damage, or confirm the item was received.