Amazon order arrived incomplete yet packing slip/online indicates order was filled. What to do?

A few days ago I purchased from Amazon some loose leaf tea:

The first was a six-pack of Twinings Prince of Wales loose leaf, 3.23oz x 6 tins.

The second was a six-pack of Twinings English Breakfast loose leaf, 7.05oz x 6 tins.

The order arrived today and when I opened the box the six tins of the Prince of Wales blend was included, but only two tins (of 6 ordered) of the English Breakfast was in the box.

I double checked that I did indeed order—and pay for—six tins of the English Breakfast. The packing slip indicated that there should be six tins of each in the box. But there are only two of the English Breakfast.

I cannot find any way to notify Amazon that the package didn’t contain the correct amount of tea. I can write a product review, leave seller feedback, or return/replace items. When I choose that option I can only do a return: there is no option to replace.

Only once have I ordered something from Amazon and it didn’t arrive when they said it was delivered. I simply went into the order, chose an option that indicated that I never received the item, and they sent me a replacement. I don’t see any way to that here.

I feel like I’ve been scammed out of $45. I can’t even find a way to contact Amazon. Am I missing something obvious here? What do I do?

Just call Amazon and tell them. They’ll take care of it.

I feel your pain about the report buttons though. The options are way too specific, with no clear path for communicating other kinds of problems. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to find the customer service phone number from their site; you have to google it.

Customer service: 1 (888) 280-4331

I’d personally wait until Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon to involve Amazon, and wait to see if more is shipped. I’ve had several instances where the rest of an order with pieces missing but a “complete” packing slip showed up mysteriously a couple of days later, with Amazon and at least three other companies I can think of off the top of my head, the most recent of which was Lego’s online store.

Log into your account and look for click to call under help.

I remember it was hard to find, but there is a customer service page where you enter your phone number, and they call you back (within a couple of minutes as I recall). But yeah, I’d wait a day or two and see if it shows up.

Thanks everyone. I’ll wait a few days and then contact them.

If you go to your orders page and it doesn’t show your items being split into multiple packages, don’t wait*, contact them now.

Either pull up a chat window (just pick the closest issue, I don’t think it really matters) or call them. They’re very helpful either way. Tell them what happened and see what they have to say. They’ll either confirm that the rest is still coming or they’ll tell you there was a mistake and resend the missing items.
They won’t give you a hard time. At worst they’ll tell you to wait a few days and see if it shows up.

But just to reiterate, I’d contact them now. That goes doubly if this is shipped right from a third party, in that case it’s important to get the ball rolling.

What eretailers do on the back end is track your misfilled packages. If you are within statistical norms, they simply reship without inquiry or bother. If every time you order, they screw it up - or it happens so frequently that it hits their fraud systems, they start to wonder if you aren’t scamming them and then start refusing to take action. So call, they are well aware that sometimes not everything makes it into the box, and will just reship what you are missing.

I ordered some rolls for my Food Saver vacuum sealer. The product description said the external package was damaged, but instead of receiving the three rolls I ordered I got one and a half rolls in a cardboard box (yes, one of the rolls was partly used). I contacted Amazon and asked for a partial refund. They gave me a full refund and told me not to bother returning what I had received. In other words, they let me have it for free.

Contact them. They will make it right.

I’m coming down more on this side. Its more what they expect and are set up for; especially if you are Prime.

I absolutely agree. They can tell if more are coming- if not, they will happily make it right for you.

My experience is that they won’t resend the items, but merely refund your money and tell you to order again. That’s what happened when they sent me the wrong tea, anyways.

Varies from seller to seller. Not long ago, I ordered two six-packs of G9 LED light bulbs, and was sent one pack of G9 and one of G4. The boxes are identical apart from a sticker on the side of the box that says what kind of bulbs are inside, so someone just grabbed the wrong box. Told Amazon through the return system, they refunded me for the box of G4s and said don’t even bother shipping them back, just reorder what you need.

I also wrote to the company about the mixup, since, like many Amazon sellers these days, they sent me an email saying, “We hope you like the bulbs, tell us if there are any problems!” My message essentially said, “Amazon already took care of everything, and it’s an easy mistake to make, I just wanted to let you know that it happened so you can track down what went wrong and keep it from happening in the future.” They said thanks and sorry for the inconvenience, and that was pretty much all.

I don’t have any fixtures that take G4 bulbs, so I just tossed them.

I get this response if I order something from a third party seller, even one that’s “fulfilled by Amazon”. Something about their internal accounting won’t let them ship it out but they can refund (and usually toss in a few bucks for the trouble) and let me re-order. Often they’ll waive a one-day shipping charge, too.

If the item is shipped and sold by Amazon, they’ll usually send me another no questions asked.

It might depend on if it’s a 3rd party seller vs Amazon, it may also depend on the cost of the item and who knows what other factors. Also, the person you’re speaking to/chatting with have some leeway in what they can do.
I got a damaged (leaking) product once and they offered me a 10% refund. I replied with ‘how about 50%’ and they okay’d it. I mean, it was either that or a full refund AND they wanted me to return it. I figured they didn’t actually want me to return a bottle of shampoo that poured quite a bit of it’s contents all over the box and they couldn’t sell it again so they probably didn’t want to give me my money and pay for shipping and then pay for shipping me another one (prime, free shipping). But I was in no hurry so if they wanted it back, they could have it.