Amazon Prime Show: Modern Love

Has anyone been watching? I started watching it because it had some big names; and because I didn’t really have anything else to watch.

I think it’s really good! I’m only 3 episodes in; but my wife are really loving it.

Each episode (so far) stands on their own; and so far the characters don’t cross into each other’s world. They all seem to have NYC in common, but other than that; it’s just different stand alone stories.
What do y’all think? (I live in Georgia now, I have to talk that way)

FYI, the New York City setting is because the show is based on a long-running weekly New York Times column. I believe the show episodes are based on previous columns, although not having Amazon Prime, I have not seen the show.

I thought it was good, some episodes were excellent. The doorman, dating, and depression episodes were right up there. My wife and I binged the season in two sittings.

It’s already been renewed for season 2.

“Modern” love? What’s that, the love that dare not tweet its name?