Amazon Prime Video weirdness

So, I decided I want to find out what this Game of Thrones thing is about. My Wife has heard great things about it, and I must say it sounds good. I’m at home this weekend and sick with a cold, so figured a good time to check it out. S1,E1.

I have an Amazon Prime account. I added HBO to it (one week free trial). I registered our primary/main TV. Main TV will get all Amazon Prime shows except GoT. GoT is there to choose, but it just hangs when streaming. I’ve given it a half hour. Got bupkis. Main TV also gets NETFLIX no prob.

I registered another TV to test it. GoT streams/downloads fine. Same router, same connection. I get about 45mbps down.

I worked with an Amazon tech over the phone yesterday with no solution for about 45 minutes before we mysteriously got disconnected :rolleyes: I have hard booted the main TV twice and re-registered it with Amazon (on the Amazon techs suggestion)

Ghosts? Men in Black? Aliens? WTF?

It’s probably network congestion due to the high number of people watching at the same time. Happens to even the biggest websites.Try watching on an off hour or completely closing your session so you may be connected to another server. Also try connecting through a proxy or VPN. Make sure it’s in the US or whatever country you’re in as the service is likely geoblocked.

That’s really weird. Does it work if you try watching it in a web browser?

Edit: also, do ANY HBO shows work?

So it works on one TV but not the other.

Sounds like the software on the other TV may be out-of-date. Can you do a software update on the TV or on the amazon app for the TV? Or just get a Roku and hook it up to the TV.

Are you trying to watch through an app on a “Smart” TV? Smart TV apps are notoriously terrible and frequently don’t handle non-ideal network conditions well. If you have a laptop and an HDMI cable, that is probably your best bet.

Tried it yesterday around noon, and 3 pm. Tried it this morning at 8am. It just locks up.

Other HBO shows work. Just not GoT’s. The show ‘Jack Ryan’ and ‘Grimm’ and others work. GoT does not but works on the other TV with the same connection.

Works on a browser too.

Firmware updates automatically on shutdown and restart (or so it claims). Not planning on Roku or other stuff. I guess you can tell that since my Wife and I have never seen GoT’s we aren’t THAT into TV. Now it’s just bugging the shit out of me because it should work.

uhh… I did not install an app on the TV. Amazon, Netflix and vudu came pre-installed.

Not gonna plug my laptop into my TV. Seems rather counter productive as it should just work. Note, my wife and I don’t plan TV watching time. Sometimes it’s on sometimes it’s not. Often one of us is on the laptop with the TV in the background. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Your Smart TV is a device with apps installed, such as Amazon, Netflix and Vudu. Just like on your phone or tablet or computer, those apps sometimes need to be updated. Your TV might not be set to auto-update those apps, but updating might help with your problem. Poke around in your settings to see if you can find a way to scan for updates.

Rysto is right - Smart TV apps are notoriously bad. That’s why in general it’s better to invest in a device such as a Roku, Chromecast or Firestick instead of a Smart TV as those devices tend to have better user interfaces and better app support than a Smart TV.

Is there any chance that Amazon Prime is blocking this show so that people don’t use the free time to watch just this particular very popular show with no intention of possibly signing up afterwards?

Given that it works on the OP’s other TV set, I would say no.
Quoted from original post:

I’m a programmer. When things don’t work right, and if I can’t find it, I poke at them till they break in a dev environment. Force a failure and work backwards.

Yeah, I’ve tried all the possible menu options for an update.

What I might do, is bring the TV that works down to the living room near the TV that doesn’t. And see if it still works. Something that is a router problem perhaps. But that makes no sense, both TV’s get Amazon and can play them. One won’t play the show GoT, but is fine with every thing else.

My Wife really doesn’t care about GoT at this point. Nor do I. But dammit, I now have a network problem. Or Firmware/hardware or ghosts in the machine. :smiley:

[sub]Programmers are a strange breed.[/sub]

Are the TV models identical? That is to say do they both support identical stream resolutions? I don’t watch GoT but is it provided by HBO/Amazon in 4K? Is this a case of streaming a show in an unsupported format?

Is it every episode of GoT or just the first one?

If you can’t update the amazon app, can you delete it and re-install it from the appropriate app store?

Resolution issues would be one of the things I’d test as well. What’s the native resolution of the TV? Is it set to automatically scale other resolutions to something? Try 720i, 1080p, etc. as defaults. So-called zoom mode can be bad. Look for suitable letterboxing.