Amazon replaces damaged good with ... damaged goods

I have to credit Amazon for replacing the damaged Superchunk DVD that I got from them even though the 30-day returns policy had expired.

But, to my great surprise, the replacement DVD they sent also skips. In fact, it skips in the EXACT same places that my first one skipped! They seemingly grabbed the next DVD in the same substandard batch that they grabbed the first one from!

Damn, this is irritating!

In Amazon’s defence - until there’s a large number of returns, there’s no reason they’ll have suspected the batch to be faulty. Most scratched new discs are one-offs.

When I worked in a record store, we sold several hundred copies of a 3-CD pack (can’t remember what it was, some popular greatest-hits collection) in the run-up to Christmas. They’d all been packed with two 'CD 2’s and no third CD. Every one was returned between Dec 27th and the first week in January. And every other returnee decided to give us an earful about how disgraceful it was. :rolleyes:

I returned a damaged version of Monsters, Inc to Amazon, specifically requesting a replacement. They didn’t seem to want to pay attention to this, so they refunded me instead. (To their credit, they even refunded the shipping, since the stuff was broken.)

While mulling whether I should just re-order the DVD from them, I spotted a used copy in the bargain bin at the bookstore, inspected it, purchased it for $7, and now enjoy a fully functional Monsters, Inc DVD.

Sully is the man, man.

Amazon’s customer service is normally great. A couple of days ago:

“, my shipment of obscure indie CDs hasn’t arrived.”

“Right then Gadfly, it appears the package was lost, we’ll send another one, and foot the extra shipping costs.”

I played the replacement DVD a little more and discovered that it’s actually WORSE than the first one. It’s MORE damaged – skips in places that the first one plays just fine.


Thanks for trying, Amazon.

In fairness to Amazon, sometimes whole runs of DVDs seem to be damaged/misrecorded. I have had lots of trouble with Marillion and Fish DVDs bought from several sources. Amazon was very good about replacing the damaged dvd, sending it out 1 day delivery before they had received my original back to them. When the replacement showed the same damage, they appologised and cancelled my charge when they got that one back. I had also bought the DVD from tower records when it had the same error on it, and returned it with much more hassel (and they only gave store credit for its value not cash refund). I tried the DVD in both my Philips dvd player and a Sony Playstation2 so I doubt the problem was due to my hardware,