Amazon Reviews

As usual, the reviews are the best part of any Amazon product.

Behold, Microwave for One.

Mod note: Added a spoiler box to comply with NSFW two-click rule. The book itself is fine, but the “people also looked at” boxes include some extremely gross, extremely graphic photos. – twickster

That link brings up some serious NSFW stuff.

Yeah, what the hell is that?

Not seeing it. What was it?

Yikes. That wasn’t on the original page. I reported it and asked for the link to be struck.

Let’s just jump to the fun stuff, shall we?

I was inspired to write my own review:

It was one of the “people who looked at this also looked at this.” It was a picture of someone or something beaten to a bloody pulp.

It’s still there. Apparently some kind of audio CD.

Amazon really does sell everything, don’t they?

How to avoid huge ships

That cookbook is seriously $212?

Worst Things For Sale (Not always SFW)

What I got was a picture that said it was a

putrid, fermented vagina.

Jumping to the fun stuff still has the other items viewed links.