Amazon Series "Mozart in the Jungle" - strongly recommended!

Anyone else seen this?

Stars Gael Garcia Bernal as a passionate, new conductor (although the show is based in NY, I assume his character is based on the LA Symphony’s Gustavo Dudamel), replacing Malcolm MacDowell’s grand old man. Lola Kirke is the young oboist not quite ready for the big show; the exquisite Saffron Burrows is the seasoned cellist who is wise in the ways of the world.

This show has a great pedigree - comes our of FFCoppola’s Zoetrope Studios; exec produced by Jason Schwartzman and ep’s directed by folks like Bart Freundlich (Mr. Julianne Moore) and Paul Weitz.

I love it’s rich set of characters - the hardened 1st oboe who is also a cool broad; the percussionist who is a hippie and deals various drugs to the musicians on the side.
And did I say it has parts for John Hodgman as a rich guy and Wallace Shawn?

See this!

…and Bernadette Peters, too!

My wife was watching it…I couldn’t get past how RICH (not monetarily) and KOOKY and FULL OF VIE all the younger performers were. They annoyed the pee out of me.

Yeah, I liked it also. Gael Garcia Bernal (or is it just his character?) is immensely charismatic.

What I enjoy is that he comes across as a Creative and a Leader - eccentric and a primadonna, but also someone actively trying be a Coach that directs and inspires his Team. I buy him as a genius conductor - within the context of a half-hour show that is like a Big Orchestra combination of Hill St. Blues and Barney Miller, if that at all makes sense.

Dale Sams - playing in an orchestra is an elite level of performance and part of the world of rich folk. One must accept that as part of the premise - beyond that, the actors are doing their jobs well. I am enjoying Hailey’s roommate, Lizzie, the Rhoda to Hailey’s Mary Richards.

My wife and I just finished watching the series. We loved it. It was a lot of fun. The book that the series is based on is only $1.99 for the Kindle edition!

Even though it had a pretty good (and final?) ending; I hope it was popular enough to make into a second season; but I haven’t heard anything about that yet.

Next up from Amazon Prime is another series based on a book by one of my favorite authors, Michael Connelly about LAPD detective Harry Bosch. Last I heard it will be relased in March. I can’t wait.

What genre would you describe it as? Comedy?

Amazon seems to call it a comedy; IIRC, when I looked at the listing they’d classified that way. The stories have heavy-ish tones at times - musician confronting their careers, abilities, money, drugs, sex and huge egos. Sure, it has funny moments, but not guffaws. You watch it for the characters and their foibles and the behind the scenes silliness.

I’m sold!

I watched the pilot and laughed three times…so I thought “bad comedy.” 30 minute dramas just don’t exist, because I don’t think people get invested in a drama in 30 minutes.

The reviewer, Emily Nussbaum, likes it: