Did anyone else watch "Smith"?

I watched it & enjoyed it, though it’s nothing I’d rave about. The cast is so good - I’ve always liked Ray Liotta, and as far as I’m concerned there is a new ‘sexiest man on television’: Simon Baker. (!!)

Anyway, I wonder how the concept of having the bad guys as heroes went over with other viewers. (I’m a little conflicted here. The characters could be interesting, but if they are too evil, how can you cheer for them?) And I wonder if the writers intend to develop the cops hunting them as characters so there’s a cat-and-mouse element to the thing, or just stick to developing the criminal characters.

I liked it. I’m under the impression that the season will center on the cat’n’mouse between the cops & the operators, spending equal times on both sides. At least, I hope that’s correct because the head cop is Chris Bauer, who I’ve been watching to watch in another series since his arc on The Wire ended. He only showed up for a minute at the end of the pilot last night.

Like someone said in a thread yesterday…there’s too much good TV on this season! :smiley:

I didn’t see it yet, but I intend to watch it. It is, in my opinion, the only new show this season that looks promising. Lets hope they keep it interesting and keep the suspense going each week. Is there going to be good chemistry between the characters? I hope so. If it is anything like the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith it should be good.

I enjoyed it. Can’t help but think that it was inspired by Thief.

Seemed really dumb to fly everyone back on the same airplane. That’s, like, a clew if the gendarmes ID one guy.

I got through the first 11 minutes before deciding I’d rather listen to music than watch TV.

Too violent for me.

I dunno, that was pretty cool blowing away the intimidating bastards on the beach.

I liked it, but found it kind of … mellow? That’s not exactly the right word, but I can’t think of anything better. Neither the emotional nor dramatic highs were very high, and the only thing that surprised me was the wife being on parole: I spent a few seconds trying to figure out what she was doing in that office! I did find it entertaining, though. I’ll keep watching it, but last night I taped Nip/Tuck (which is on at the same time) – next week I’ll tape Smith. :slight_smile:

I hate gore, so I start flinching every time a scene like that gets close, and it was early enough that I was flinching through lots of the rest, especially when that same guy started carting the cat around.

My husband thought it was okay, and he’s not flinchy at all.

I doubt that gore really looks like that. It’s probably much worse.
That was neat to use the cat to make the anklet move around the house. I wonder how long it would work, though.

I watched it and really liked it. I thought it was pretty well written and very well acted. I was somewhat surprised to see how cold-blooded some of the characters were; I guess I’d somewhat gotten used to the Ocean’s 11 type more sympathetic thieves. But I really like how the crew seems more like what professional thieves would actually be like, and I hope that not too many people are turned away by the violence and matter-of-factness about the crimes so that **Smith ** isn’t cancelled any time soon.

(I hope that made sense; I haven’t had enough sleep in the last week and should go to bed, but I felt like I needed to support the thread about Smith, since it seems like the show hasn’t gotten enough attention so far.)

I think it’s got some real promise since the crooks are clever but not perfect and charismatic without being “good”. I also think Viriginia Madsen’s gorgeous so seeing her every week will be great. Simon Baker & Amy Smart are playing a bit against-type so I’m not sure I’m completely sold, but I do look forward to the cat & mouse interplay, not only between cops & robbers, but husband and wife.

What do you think? Do you think she knows her husband’s a crook? I certainly thinks she suspects something.

SQUEE! I didn’t think anything I wanted to watch was on, so I settled down with People magazine. I was reading the review of Smith and saw he was in it and rushed to the TV. Yum. I lusted after him in The Guardian and had just drooled over him in Something New which I had rented so I came away well-satisfied with seeing him on Smith. He pretty much the Sexiext Man Alive as far as I am concerned.

Other than that, I think the relationship between Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen has good potential.

OK, seen it finally. Wow, that was… ugly. Between the show & the promos for The Departed I was in a sort of shock at the end.

I even threatened to blow up Britain a minute ago, could that be influence from the show? Nah, I’m always like that.

I was a fan of Jonny Zero, which Fox did the Firefly-style sabotage on, so since this was from John Wells & features Franky G, I had to see it. But… I may go be a little sick now.

I appreciate it, but I don’t know if I’ll get sick of the harsh.

I watched it, and I liked it. Was great to see that the characters are not perfect, and that they are pretty dark. But that didn’t turn me off. If anything, their being somewhat unlikeable makes them more compelling.

My problem is that it’s up against Boston Legal. So it looks like I will Tivo Boston Legal and watch Smith live, then come back to Boston Legal a day or two after.