Amazon ZShop Sellers Question

How do Amazon third-party sellers who sell goods at absurdly high prices manage to maintain a good feedback rating? In particular, any_book has a 96% feedback rating which is a lot better than many sellers, but their prices are usually absurdly high.

If you think the price is too high, you don’t buy from them, and therefore don’t leave a rating.

Ratings are not for “this guy’s price is too high.” Anyone can see that, and don’t need ratings to tell them. Ratings are for things like “they took four months to ship” or “the item came broken and they refused to replace it” or, more positively, “there was a problem, but they bent over backwards to fix it.”

Not to go off on a tangent, but this reminds me of a pet peeve I have with Amazon product reviews too. The point of the review is to give me information I don’t already have so I can choose whether or not to buy the item. It is not helpful to give a 1 star review because there’s no Kindle version, or because you wish they’d come out with a Blu Ray edition. I can clearly see what formats the product is available in, and decide for myself if it’s acceptable. Tell me things I CAN’T see, like the plot sucks or the audio sounds terrible. If you don’t own the item (or haven’t bought from the seller), don’t waste my time.

Sometimes it eventually comes down to they have the only copies left so they sell.

Maybe they overnight everything so people who ordered are always amazed that the book showed up so quickly.

I have a wierdly opposite problem, I got a set of headphones from a new seller (was the cheapest seller by a mile, but they have zero feedback but they “just launched” but they’re taking way too long to even to start shipping the item (it’s been 5 days) and its still says “Shipping Soon”.

Seller’s name is Soma2u