Then what's the point of seller feedback on Amazon??

I ordered a toy on Amazon that arrived last night. It had an in-package ‘demo’ mode, which didn’t work (no sound). Since it’s a birthday present, I opened the package to see if maybe the batteries were dead. Well not only were they dead, they were corroded and leaking, and the terminals were rusty. There were actually rust stain on the outside of the battery cover.

Not acceptable, obviously. So I printed the return labels…first time I have EVER returned a non-clothing merchandise from Amazon. I went to leave seller feedback, because it’s obviously unacceptable to receive a toy that is non-functional and leaking freaking batteries.

I noticed the seller had a 1% ‘negative’ feedback, so I decided to look at the reviews.

EVERY ONE of the negative ones had been crossed out by Amazon, and had a note something like “Fulfillment of this order was by Amazon, so Amazon takes full responsibility”.

Well WTF, yeah I ordered through Amazon, and maybe it shipped from Amazon…but it was from this particular store front.

So how do the store fronts work? Do they provide Amazon with the merchandise to ship from a central loction?

And what’s the freaking point of leaving seller feedback on a store if Amazon is going to just cancel out all the negative reviews? They should cancel out the positive ones as well, and leave a note that says “Fulfillment of this order was by Amazon, so Amazon takes all the freaking credit for rocking your world.”

I’ve not looked at ratings all that closely on Amazon. Is it possible that the crossed out negative reviews were shipment related? In other words, some gripes might be legitimately Amazon’s fault and not the store’s.
Without knowing what the crossed out reviews said, I don’t really know.

For “Fulfillment by Amazon” items, yes, the items are kept by Amazon in their own warehouses and shipped by Amazon through their regular channels. The third-party seller ships their inventory to Amazon, which Amazon maintains and ships for them (for a fee, of course). I’m not familiar with Amazon’s policy regarding seller feedback, but I’d guess if the feedback related directly to the speed or shipping, Amazon would take responsibility.

Your case is interesting, though, because I’m not sure how your feedback would be tabulated. Is it the seller’s responsibility to ensure the inventory held by Amazon is in good working order, or is it Amazon’s responsibility to inspect inventory before it is shipped? I don’t know; perhaps an e-mail to Amazon Customer Service is in order to clarify.

Nope, several were problems with the product itself…quality, etc.

And another questions…if several different stores are selling the same item, does Amazon store them separately or together? Do they have different inventories of SuperDuperSquishyWishyPlayDohExtruder sets, or just pile them all together and notify the store when ‘their’ inventory is low?

So many questions that never occurred to me before.

FromAmazon Fulfillment page

So I’m guessing that Amazon is taking the rap for sending out a defective product. They have physical control of the inventory and should be inspecting before shipping.