I'm Grumpy About An Amazon Sitch.

Too weak for the Pitt.
I sell stuff on Amazon.
I got a 100% satisfaction score, but only 16 ratings.
All my item listings mention that I send e-mails upon shipping.
A courtesy thing, you know.

So, I get this order, it’s a $30-$40 item. Minor Comics-collector item. But, I 'm glad of a sale.

I get it all packaged up.

Then, I check the guy’s e-mail addy, to tell him I got his order, & will ship it that afternoon.
His e-mail addy reads, more or less “WOW! You’re a sucker!”
I raise an eyebrow, & decide to check his Amazon Marketplace Buyer’s Profile.


No photos, or intrests listed, nor nuthin’.

And get this–it’s his very first purchase on Amazon, or so he says.

I’ve heard about these guys.

They order things online, from outfits that offer to e-mail. Then, after they receive the shipping notice, they cancel the order. And keep the book! :mad: When the item isn’t returned, they claim it was lost in the mail. If you don’t send a refund, they take it up with Amazon, & give you a bad rating to boot. They build up a bad record of stunts like this, then abandon their temporary online identity, & create a new one.

So, I canceled the order, & sent a full refund, before shipping.

He e-mailed me in a fury of towering rage. Using the spelling/language/phrasing of a 12-year-old.
I politely replied that my policy is not to sell to any person whose e-mail address, physical address or name is incomplete, vague, innaccurate, suspicious or false. I reminded him he got a full refund.

He gave me a 1 star rating.

My first.

I just dropped to 94% satisfaction, & 4.6 Stars.

I am annoyed.

Just because someone doesn’t haven’t anything filled out in their “buyer’s profile” doesn’t mean they’re a scammer. I’ve bought lots of things on Amazon Marketplace, and I didn’t even know there was a profile I should be filling out, and I don’t really care to share my interests or photos with people I buy from.

Yeah, what is a buyer’s profile? I spend thousands at Amazon a year and often use the marketplace and I’ve never heard of it.

It contains background info about you & your intrests.

Anyway, the guy got his full refund.

If Amazon notified you that you had a buyer, that means the buyer has paid, the transaction is complete, and you’re obligated to send the item. Dem’s da rules.

If the buyer later claims he didn’t get the item, he can file an A-Z claim. Amazon will hear your side and ask for proof of mailing – postal receipt, delivery confirmation, even your word that you mailed it.

But they probably won’t take kindly to a seller who refuses to ship because he doesn’t like the buyer’s e-mail addy.

I was going to say that maybe the buyer thought you were a drop-shipper, but if it was truly his first Amazon purchase, he wouldn’t know what a drop-shipper is.

Buyers can remove negative feedback, but you’ll need to convince him that you made an honest mistake.

Unless you can find some proof that he’s a scammer. The experts at Amazon’s seller forum might be able to help you with that. Those folks are formidable and have exposed scammers on both sides, and gotten them banned from buying and selling at Amazon.

Well, so where do you fill it out? I’ve never even seen anything like that on the website. Is there a special buyer’s area on Amazon?

I also didn’t know there was a buyer’s profile. I don’t buy often on there and most of the time I buy out of print, but inexpensive Sci Fi paperbacks. Usually the ones where the shipping is more than the cost of the book.

As usual, I only realize that I screw up after I do it. :smack:

I’ve fixed what I can.

I’ll e-mail the guy in the AM.

Every time I think that I’m protecting myself, I end up doing something like this.

You’re a good man. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to know how it all turns out.

If your buyer refuses to change the negative feedback, you can post a response, so potential buyers will see it.

I’ve bought from sellers who’ve had some bad feedback, when I can see their side of the issue. Sometimes buyers can be unreasonable in their expectations. Like buyers who interpret “Ships in two days” as “You’ll have it in two days.”

It’s definitely a learning experience.

I e-mailed him, & apologised.

He wrote back, & removed the bad rating.

I’m 5 stars & 100% again.

Of course, I’m still a fool, but one that learned something.

Excellent! Nice buyer – some of them won’t be bothered to do that. I’m at 5 stars and 100% too. I don’t sell much, but that rating feels really good.