Bosda feels chagrinned. Country Boy is "taken" in an on-line auction.

:o :frowning: :smack:

I went to Amazon auctions.

I saw some Patrick Nagel prints going for $0.01 US as the top bid. Auction closes in 6 days.

I say, “For pennies, what the hell?”

I put in a $0.02 bid each on 4 different posters. Add a cheap poster frame, & you’ve got a Xmas gift for that relative that you don’t like.

Then I check shipping & handling…

:confused: :eek: :smack:

I learn how they make their money.

Can you cancel a bid on Amazon Auctions? I suspect–no. :frowning:

You dern city slickers!

This parrot has only one leg!

Share your similar experiences?

If it’s from the same seller you can see if you can have them shipped together for the price of shipping one.

Dude, they just declared all 4 auctions “closed”. 5 minutes after I bid.

Those dirty @#%$@! :mad: :mad:

Yeah, I was trying to buy an audio spying device (“as seen in Spy Kids”) for ninety-nine cents, then noticed the shipping and handling was almost twenty dollars.

Yeah, I just bought a new faceplate for my cellphone. Cost of faceplace: $2.75. Cost of shipping said faceplate: $5.95. Face value of stamp on the tiny box it arrived in: $0.83. Even assuming the guy had to pay for the box, it certainly didn’t cost him $5.00…

/Bart Simpson/
Hahahahahahahahaha, sucker!

/Bart Simpson/

That is a common trick to avoid the commision that is based on the selling price of the item. The other day there was a bunch of auctions for leather jackets on Ebay from 3 sellers (probably the same person), all with a buy it now price of $29 but with a shipping and handling charge of $59. It took less than 8 hours for Ebay to shut down that seller.