Help with eBay bidding strageties

I love eBay (quite addicting -to see the fun*** CLICK HERE FOR EBAY***

But what I need is some help with bidding strageties (sp?) I notice I will bid on a CD and it is cheap than like 2 minutes before the bids go up. I can’t believe that so many people have nothing better to do with their time than to wait till an auction winds down. But they must.

I realize that living in Chicago I can get most CDs used for about $7.00 so I don’t bid more than $2.50 on a CD (if you add the usual $3.00 shipping and the 75¢ money order fee. that is $6.25 and I’d rather pay the extra 75¢ at a store and get to see what I’m buying.)

Any good tips for me.

Thank you

That is exactly what most people do with E-bay auctions…I usually just put in my maximum bid (say, 4.25 for a CD), then if I win, I win. If not, Oh, well. BTW, I often sell my CD’s with NO shipping, as it’s only .99 to ship one in the US. I get great bids on my CD sales because of it. Anyone charging more then 1.50 for shipping a CD is a rip-off in my opinion (including a bubble wrap envelope). Have fun on E-bay! I am addicted myself :slight_smile:

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Here’s an eBay bidding tip for ya…

Run away! Run Away!

eBay is entirely too addictive. My husband got hooked on it for a while. Thank goodness it was relatively inexpensive stuff. I finally convinced him to get back to the free porn sites before he nickeled & dimed us to death.

My husband wrote a great blues tune (improvised) while playing his guitar…

My baby she’s on there…
All day and night…
she’s buying and selling…
everything in sight…
I can’t find my fridge,
and my dog is now gone,
My cat turned up missing,
Lord! What is wrong??
I got them-
My baby’s on E-bay blues…

etc, etc, etc…he really sings it with feeling. Very funny.
Of course, he stopped making fun of my e-bay addiction when I found him a CD he’s been looking for FOREVER…very hard to get in the states (at least NY). For all you Canadians- it was Kim Mitchell, Akimbo Alogo. We got it for a steal!

I’m very lucky. The only time I was ever up shit creek, I just happened to have a paddle with me.
–George Carlin


How do you figure it’s that cheap to ship? The bubble envelopes sell for about $1.00 the postage is usually $1.25. So I figure 2.50 (I’ll throw in the extra 25¢ for the trouble of goig to the post office.)

How can you not charge for shipping?

Actually, I get my bubble mailers for 3/1.50 at Target, so that’s about .50each. The postage for a bubble mailer (the size I use,anyway) with a CD in it is .99
(I got it weighed, and that’s how much it is)
So that’s $1.50. I eat that cost so that more people bid on my CD’s (and they do). I have gotten $13 bids on CD’s that other have NO bids for (exact same cd) because I have FREE SHIP right in the description. It hasn’t backfired yet, so I’ll keep doing it. Works for me!

I’m very lucky. The only time I was ever up shit creek, I just happened to have a paddle with me.
–George Carlin

Sorry, I forgot about the 25cents for the trouble of going to the post office.
I don’t go, I stamp my item with 3 stamps (.99cents) and put it in my mailbox with the flag up. The mailman takes it, end of story :slight_smile:

I’m very lucky. The only time I was ever up shit creek, I just happened to have a paddle with me.
–George Carlin

Pet Peeve: People who post “For Sale” in a newsgroup I go to which handles local (for me) want ads and click it to see ebay.

It’s not for sale, it’s for AUCTION!

Thus far my only experience buying something on ebay was a stereo, and that was from a dealer who was simply advertising his wares.

It was a stereo with a turntable, dual tape, receiver, CD, remote and speakers and it was $108 including shipping, if you care!

Yer pal,

Hints? Ah, sure.

First, check ebay for the item. Then check yahoo auction for it. Shoot, I did that & the same stuff is one half to one third at yahoo.

A mystery.

I use eBay for old comic books. Before eBay was popular, I used it the way it was intended…I put in my maximum and when the aucction was over, whoever was willing to spend more won.

Then, when it began to grow in popularity, I lost several auctions to people who I call “swoopers” (on those few occasions that I’m not calling them “scumbags”). My bid was winning until the very end, and then, ten seconds before the end of an auction, they’ll swoop in and outbid me by 50 cents.

I hated it, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else, but darned if I was gonna sit there losing good comic books on principle and let those guys get them (and probably they’re dealers who’ll want to take away any bargain I’m trying to get off the net!). Now I do it when feasible, and curse the fact that I have to.

Chaim Mattis Keller

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I have had the same thing done to me…I call it “sniping”. The weird thing about on-line auctions (at least at E-bay) is that the auction isn’t over when the bidding stops, it’s over when the time is up, which enables someone to jump in and beat you at the last second. I now watch all auctions I have a bid out on in it’s last few minutes. It happens more often then not. On the upside, when you’re selling it’s a big plus!
If ya’ can’t beat 'em, join 'em, right?

I’m very lucky. The only time I was ever up shit creek, I just happened to have a paddle with me.
–George Carlin

Zette thanks for the info.

The auctions on Amazon will continue for 5 minutes if there still is active bidding.

The thing I don’t like about eBay is I feel there is a lot of abuse going on and they don’t care. For example there was an Olivia Newton-John CD Greatest Hits (the first one) it was going for about $50.00 suddenly it sold out for $144 to a guy with 1 rating in his feedback. Well I checked out his past bids. Nothing came up. No feedback has ever been left by seller or buyer and they were both on AOL. I reported it to Safewatch but they told me only direct parties to auctions can do anything. I mean who pays $144 for an ONJ CD??? And there are at least 5 others I checked out and none of them match.

It seems like when a seller doesn’t get what he wants he places some huge bid to back out of selling it.

I also reported the celling of CDR (see another thread) and they told me to report it directly to the record companies not them.

Still I must admit I am learning and with practice I have gotten new cd’s sealed for as little as 99¢.

I agree there’s a lot of scamming probobly going on, but I don’t even bid on an item unless the person has a lot of positive feedback from established people. That’s a good way to not get scammed. I’m doubt that a lot of people pull the scam you are refering to, as E-bay has reserve auctions, meaning you can set a price (only known to you)that you will not sell below. So if no one reaches it, you don’t have to sell. That’s a good way to CYA…

I’m very lucky. The only time I was ever up shit creek, I just happened to have a paddle with me.
–George Carlin

I’ve been buying stuff on E-Bay for a few months and so far I’ve gotten what I’ve paid for. I’ve lost a few items only to have them resurface weeks later. I don’t usually buy cd’s unless it’s a collectible (I just bought a promo-only ELO cd). I usually buy stuff like videos, lps, and 45’s I can’t find locally or through GEMM (if you’re looking for old music, check out they’re a clearing house for lots of record stores).

As stated by Zette, I also put in my maximum bid and if I win, OK. I also factor in shipping. For example, recently a sealed laserdisc copy of MST3K - The Movie came up. I can still get this new from Ken Crane’s for $19.95 + $3 s&h. Therefore I was only willing to bid $15 (+ $3 s&h) since it was from an individual and not a well-known company.

E-Bay can be fun, but it can also be too addictive.

What I wonder about is the people selling stuff for a buck when it costs $2 to list. I guess they make it up in volume.

Trump you cannot sell promos that is illegal. They are not for resale.

But I guess that’s not the point. I just have gotten addicted to it. Like a previous poster said you get nickel and dimed to death.

I’ve only truly gotten scamed once. I got a cut out CD and it wasn’t said as such. But now that I don’t bid on CD’s over $2 I am cool, even a cut out at that price is OK.

Markxxx text quoted:

HA! Of course you’re not supposed to sell promos. But when I was a starving writer in NYC, you don’t know how many times rent got paid or my stomache got filled because I sold some stuff.

Interestingly, there are places here in NC which will not BUY promos from you, but the fact is that labels are coming down more furvently against bootlegs and couterfeit recordings than promos.

I do know someone who worked for a label in NYC who got arrested for being the point-man in a huge scam with several used record stores across NYC and surrounding, but he was dealing in thousands of promos with several dealers of product.

Unless you’re buying collector stuff - and from your post, it seems you’re more into bargains (which is fine; So am I) - I don’t see the problem with a cut-out. It still plays fine after all, and a cut-out is not necessarily a promo. It is most likely a disc taken out of circulation and sold to a dealer who handles these things.

I just bought a bunch of tapes at Walmart for $0.97 each. Some neat stuff like The Gun Club, Chic, Am Emotional Fish; Greater Than One and a solo Ian McCulloch tape. All cut-outs, but nary a promo in the bunch!

Yer pal,

Yes, “sniping” is where its at!

I used to do it the old fashioned way – put the URL in my “Favorites” and go back a few minutes before auction was over and bid. I would win 85% of the time. But now, (thank God for technology) I have a bid sniping program that I use. Basically, when I see something I might want, I put it into my snipe program, tell it when to bid (2 minutes before auction end), and how much to bid. Then I forget about it. The program does all the work for me! I now win about 95% of the auctions I bid on. The program is called “Bid Blaster”. You can do a search to find it, its shareware.

By the way, don’t ever bid on an item early. It only drives the price of the item up. Wait until the end of auction, then the prize will be yours and you will get a good price for it.


ebay has fraud insurance now. Don’t have the specs on it but I remember a link to it.

Like any auction there are scammers. There is
no way to keep someone from bidding on their own stuff with another account, to raise the prices. In an auction you visit in person, that happens sometimes too.

FYI- In case you didn’t know…
On E-bay, click on “my e-bay” on the top navigation bar. Sign in with your username and password. You will get a complete list of what you are currently selling and bidding on- nice easy way to track your stuff without having to save it in your favorites.
Makphisto: You are evil incarnate. I am downloading that program immediately :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip. I often think about doing that but then I forget. Which shows it is probably a good thing

I have no problems with cut outs but it is not fair not to tell people. A lot of times if a CD is labled a cut out the same CD that isn’t is only 50¢ more. But you are right since I am mostly intersted in replacing my tape collections I don’t care all that much