Amber Alert? Call it What it is!

Why do we need these code names, like Amber Alert or Silver Alert? We’re all big boys and girls to handle the truth. Call it a child abduction, and so on. Must everything have a euphemism?

They’re called that because they’re named after a girl who was abducted and murdered, Amber Hagerman

Some girl named amber got kidnapped and her parents went on a mission so this makes them feel good.

Amber Alert is not merely an euphemism - it is a specific procedure widely recognized. It is named after a particular child, Amber Hagerman, abducted and murdered in 1996.

Isn’t robertfchew’s post some kind of snarky?

Next he’ll rant against sigalerts

Goddammit! Next you’ll want us to say “I’m going to pass urine” instead of “I’m going to see a man about a horse”.

Party Pooper!

Can you explain “winding my watch?” I’ve never understood what that was supposed to be an euphemism for.

Assuming you’re serious…

Before the advent of battery-powered watches, watches used what is called an automatic movement. They were wound (oh – prior to automatic movements, you had to wind watches by twisting the crown/stem) by the normal movements of the wrist when they were worn. They could also be wound without wearing them by holding them in your hand and rocking them from side to side.

‘Winding my watch’ is a euphemism for an activity that involves a rhythmic movement of the wrist.

Why call it “child abduction” when it doesn’t mean “child abduction”? If you need to call it something more literal, it could be “child missing” (for whatever reason). Same goes for Silver Alert (Elderly Person missing).
Thing is, they are now international code names, easier to recognize than Child/ Elderly Person missing. I live in a country that doesn’t even use the Latin alphabet but since it is pervasive (via media etc), when an announcement comes on the tv, its Amber Alert: 7 yr old went missing on such and such a date etc etc. (In local language).

Considering the fact that (A), a great many Amber Alerts do no good whatsoever, and (B), a large percentage of child abductions are done by a parent in relation to a divorce/custody dispute, I would say that robertfchew is right on the money.

Yes its called Amber Alert so that people know its not for sure a child abduction, as in for rape or ransom.

Playing with a yo-yo?

Uh I think the most common female and male masturbation does not involve the wrist at all.

You’re doing it wrong…I think :confused:

Well the wrist ain’t moving is all I’m saying, in either case.:stuck_out_tongue:

Snarky, yes. Also probably accurate.
Like “Code Adam”, it probably does some good, but its main effect is to make specific grieving parents feel better about their loss.