Amber Tamblyn, 28, to marry David Cross, 47

Meh. This one just barely violates the half-your-age-plus-seven-years rule.

Another good-looking actress marrying a complete asshole. What else is new?

I never understood why an age difference has to be a thing, so long as there are two consenting (and lucid) adults involved. Sure, I wouldn’t recommend 18-year-olds marrying 50-year-olds, but that’s because I personally don’t think 18-year-olds should be marrying anybody. It’s usually practical issues that derail May-December romances, but as has been pointed out, this girl is pushing thirty and both parties have established adult lives and careers, so who cares?

I couldn’t put my finger on why I thought this was weird, but this is definitely why. Amber Tamblyn and David Cross strike me as two people who’s circles would never cross. How did they not only get together, but stayed together long enough to get married?

Other than the actress part, this comment could be about Girl Wonder and me. The first time she met me, she thought I was a complete and total asshole. And she was right.

FWIW, I’m 38. Girl Wonder just turned 26.

I know. I’ve been trying hard to think of anything they might have been in together, but I’m coming up empty, so I’m guessing they met through other actor(s) they know in common. Maybe she’s friends with Keri Russell and met him that way?

They met on an airplane. I believe flying to Louisiana. Not to work together.

IIRC they were on the same episode of “Celebrity Poker” several years ago.

I didn’t know what an Amber Tamblyn was, so I had to look her up (awesome name, by the way). Turns out I’ve never seen anything she has appeared in. I do have to give her props for this comment from her IMDB page, though:

If I’m doing the math right, 32-yr-old Ralph Fiennes apparently started getting it on with a 50-yr-old Francesca Annis when she was playing his fine-looking mother in HAMLET; here’s a picture of the couple, who apparently made it work for eleven years.

^ i guess they both share a common interest of making public denouncements of celebrities they don’t like, or agree with in an unbearably condescending manner.

Joan of Arcadia is marrying Tobias Funke. I think I need to lay down.

What’s the age spread on Ashton & Demi? (not trying to be an ass, serious question)

27 and 43 at the time of the marriage, I think. There may be some small errors in there because I didn’t account for what month they were married in. (That’s who I inscrutably linked to upthread.)

Post 18 says 16 years.

He actually left his wife (ER’s Rachel Kingston) who’s the same age he is for Annis.

I think you mean Alex Kingston.

Is the problem that she’s 28 (plenty old enough, IMO) or that she still looks like she’s 16?

The problem is that David Cross is a weirdo and imagining him in any kind of a relationship pings my :dubious: meter. But a relationship with the 28-year old girl from the Traveling Pants movies is just weirder.

The age difference doesn’t faze me at all. Here’s what makes it feel creepy: David Cross is creepy. Like, professionally. Perhaps only professionally, he may well be a delightful human being IRL, but I simply can’t visualize it.

It doesn’t help that Amber Tamblyn’s living is made portraying wide-eyed naivete, although I don’t imagine that any 28 year old woman actually lives her real life being as adorably innocent as Amber Tamblyn always looks.