Amber Tamblyn, 28, to marry David Cross, 47

Personally, he seems to be worse. He flies off the handle at anybody he thinks is beneath him. This has included actors he hates even though his own resume includes such gems as all three Alvin & the Chipmunks movies, Year One and Scary Movie 2.

There’s no accounting for taste. He must really make her laugh.

Word. What would her mom, Mary Steenbergen, say?

Catherine Zeta-Jones was 31 when she married Michael Douglas, 56 at the time. I believe they’re still together.

31 feels a whole lot older than 28, though.

Catherine and Michael are VERY together.

If she likes him, she likes him. I’m not the one who’s got to live with him.

But 56 doesn’t feel older than 47? :confused:

I agree with what some others have said. It’s not so much the issue that Amber Tamblyn is marrying David Cross and she’s younger, better looking, and arguably more successful. I’m just surprised that anyone is marrying David Cross.

I doubt it. And I say that as a fan; I thought Mr. Show was brilliant and Cross’s standup usually hilarious, when he’s not just on a drunken partisan rant. But his entire comedy foundation is built on sarcastic mockery of people around him, and he’s got a reputation for being a douche which is not exactly difficult to imagine. Plus, he has (or had, as he talked about on his last comedy album) a flourishing drug problem.

Best of luck to both of them in the marriage, though!

No, Joan of Arcadia is marrying Donny.
“Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!”

He left her for Annis too. He abandoned all the Kingston women for her.