Amber Tamblyn, 28, to marry David Cross, 47

I wish them well, but I have to say the matchup surprises me, for the age difference if nothing else.

For some reason I thought David Cross was gay. Maybe I’m just conflating him with Tobias.

Yeah, I mean how could she possibly love somebody that old?

Oh, Sampiro… you blowhard!

Wow! I have to say, if you told me that Amber Tamblyn was getting married to another celebrity, David Cross would not have been among the first 100 that came to mind (and the same for the reverse). Apparently they’ve been together for three years, so that just shows how much attention I pay to celebrity gossip.

Well, it’s unusual, but 28 is definitely old enough to be able to make your own choices. It makes David Cross a little bit of a creeper, but he’s always been a little bit of a creeper anyway.

Listen, no snark intended to the old guys, in whose number I myself fall. I’m older than Cross, in fact, and at a visceral level I certainly appreciate the affirmation that it’s not outside the bounds of possibility for an attractive 28 year old woman to fall in love with a near-fifty guy… although that appreciation is entirely theoretical, as I have found my true love already.

But as a general principle, I don’t see too many attractive 28 year old women pairing up with 47-year-old men. And I see even fewer when there’s almost certainly no money factor involved. So I don’t say it’s impossible, and I don’t say it’s not real… but I do say it’s unusual.

Do you disagree? Do you believe that these kinds of pairings are just as common as attractive 28 year old women marrying men within, say, ten years of their own age?

Eh, Cross is a pretty funny guy, and he’s managed to carve out his own little identity. He’s not a superstar, but he’s generally well-known among people who like comedy. I can see someone being genuinely attracted to him for him, not for his looks. 28’s young, but not that young. I’m sure she knows her own mind.

Russ Tamblyn was 49 when his daughter was born so I’m guessing he’s significantly older than her mom, and they’re still together.

If you think this age/gender spread is worthy of comment, can you even begin to imagine the brouhaha that would ensue if a 28-yr-old male married a 47-yr-old female? Never mind if the male were the more attractive member of that pair.

I like comedy and I really dislike David Cross.

A 47/28 pairing is not nearly as creepy as the 51/16 pairing being discussed here. A 28-year-old is significantly more likely to have a handle on his/her identity and what they might want out of life.


In 1980, 39 year-old Juliet Mills married the very attractive (I won’t make a judgment as to who is more attractive) Maxwell Caulfield, who was 21 at the time. By all accounts, they are still happily married 31 years later.

Both Amber Tamblyn and David Cross impress me as very intelligent, creative people. That might make a connection between them regardless of their ages.

I was going to post this. Her father is pretty old. I like Amber, but I think she has a daddy complex. I don’t think this marriage will work. I believe her father divorced twice. Not because of that or their age difference, but because she’s too off beat to make a marriage work. She really frowns at convention and things like that.

David Cross doesn’t exactly strike me as conventional ;).

I hope they make it, but I have the feeling they won’t. I know I shouldn’t be talking like I know her (because I don’t), but I’ve read a lot about her and by her (she also writes). I’m actually surprised she said yes. She just seems like the type to against all things conventional.

Oh, I think I can imagine. (Okay, 27 and 43. But he’s absolutely prettier than her.) IIRC, there was a bit of “ew” and a whole lotta “Way to go, boy!” and “MILF!!!”

(My fiance’s 22 years older than me. I’m the female.)

Good job, David.

The age difference doesn’t bother me at all but it just seems so random; like someone picked two celebrities out of a hat. Congrats to them both.