Amelia Earhart award.

The Maryland CAP gives an Amelia Earhart award.
No offense, but that’s sort of like naming Will Rogers Airport after a guy killed in a plane wreck.

If you hang around North Hollywood, her old stomping grounds, you can find a lot of things named after her.

Amelia Earhart Statue and Library

ETA: Although, I’m not aware that any airport in the area got named after her. Her old home port, Lockheed Airport became Hollywood-Burbank Airport, and then Bob Hope Airport.

I fail to see the irony or inappropriate nature of the naming. Earhart is a historical figure and a woman ahead of her time by several generations. Care to elaborate on your OP?

Ted Stevens International Airport was named for him sometime after the plane crash that that killed his wife (which he was also involved in), and before the plane crash that eventually killed him.