Amelia Earhart's birthday

Today is the 115th anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s birth.

I keep holding out hope that she is still alive but at 115, she probably doesn’t have much time left. Have a great one Amelia wherever you are!

They’re still working on the search for her plane, but haven’t found anything worthy of note just yet.

The latest search party just came back empty-handed from Nikumaroro after a mission plagued with mishaps. They still have sonar data to examine, though. Another search party plans to go to Howland Island later in the year.

Scooped by Esox Lucius!

But here’s a BBC article anyway.

What puzzles me is how they were monitoring the search and sonar data. After seeing Bob Ballard’s many searches, it seems like it would be a good idea to flag promising images and shapes for more intensive searches immediately. If they find something of interest from later examination of the recordings, they won’t be in a position to do much about it right away.

I had an opportunity to meet Amelia’s mechanic Bo McKneely and I blew it.

I have a night “job” as a volunteer teacher. I start most classes with a short slide show about “Famous People You’ve Never Heard Of”. Because it was Ms Earhart’s birthday, last night’s subject was a lady pilot who *should *be getting all our attention.

Here’s a short thread about her from last year.

Anyway, a belated happy birthday to Ms Earhart anyway. :slight_smile:

I know about Jackie Cochran. Chuck Yeager was best friends with her and her husband and talks a lot about her in his autobiography. It seems like she was a very a great pilot and probably the most determined and bullheaded person ever to live. There were several other early female aviators like Pancho Barnes that were at least as accomplished as Amelia Earhart but they tend to be forgotten today as well. I guess getting yourself killed in doing something is the best way to make sure you become the most famous.

Has the “National Inquirer” done a piece on her yet? Last I heard, she was living quietly in NJ!
Although, at 115, she has a right to refuse interviews!:wink:

I think for her birthday, I’ll give her a GPS.

What, too soon?