Amelia Earhart's Plane Found in PNG?

It seems very doubtful.

"There are claims that one of the world’s great aviation mysteries - the disappearance of 1930s airwoman Amelia Earhart - has been solved in Papua New Guinea.

The Post Courier newspaper says there are strong indications a plane wreck found off the coast of Bougainville is Earhart’s Lockheed Electra.

Locals also say they have found gold bullion in the wreckage.

But Ric Gillespie, an expert on Earhart’s disappearance, says the claims are “silly beyond description”.

Story here.

Sure is. Everyone knows that it couldn’t be in PNG when it was headed for HI. Ridiculous!

My bet is on JPG or PDF.

Not him again. This Gillespie character is positive beyond all doubt about every little scrap of shit he finds. Look up TIGHAR and Nikumaroro for his last round of positive proof about Earhart.

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The story does not say that Gillespie is the person behind this claim. In fact, it states that Gillespie says this particular claim is “silly beyond description.”

I thought it was found decades ago.

Highly unlikely. Her last radio contact was with a ship near Howland Island, her intended destination. The signal was strong, indicating that she was somewhere nearby (although probably not on her intended course).

Howland Island is about 1200 miles east of Bougainville. Even if Earhart got completely turned around and flew back toward PNG from the vicinity of Howland, she didn’t have enough fuel to get there.

That paragon of academic rigor and integrity Cracked mentions Gillespie’s Nikumaroro theory in the linked article.

She was out of fuel at that point. She went down somewhere near the ships unless gravity was on vacation.

Ah, okay. I just saw the name and immediately concluded the thing didn’t need to be read.

So, how could have Earhart heard the Itasca so clearly and loudly that she thought she must have been right overhead, and still crashed so far away?

IIRC Gillespie was also dead positive, beyond all doubt, that Nungesser and Coli had crashed in Maine. Until he started searching in Newfoundland.

C’mon, there wouldn’t be a giant snake guarding the wreck unless it was the real thing. “6-metre” snakes don’t waste their time on hoaxes.

Yep… read the latest from TIGHAR. You can practically draw a circle around the area in which they went down and be very confident in dismissing a number of other claims.

TIGHAR site is full of info and they’ve been doing the real grunt work.

That heavy gold bullion would be on Earhart’s flight sure makes a lot of sense; put at the back of the plane it would force the nose up, thus greatly extending the unusually long range that an around the world flight would have to be capable of.

Yessiree bob.

But the Great World Snake, Evocare, does whatever he wants.

I’m just glad that I wasn’t the one who had to get the bullion off the Titanic in the first place.