American Beauty--a dissenting view

At least one person out there didn’t like American Beauty:

Dr. J

PS: Be sure to browse around this guy’s site. It’s priceless!

I read about a paragraph and a half of that shit. That guy is an asshole, pure and simple. Why do critics have to destroy a good thing? Why do they feel the need to disect a perfectly entertaing work of art, and use it to hide their own insecurities? It’s as if if they slander the films, they are better than it, and more deserving of praise. I am so fucking tired of it. A good critic would’t know a good peice of art if it jumped up and bit him in the taint. Most of them can’t see past the fact that people must like and fear them if they give something a bad review. If they bark loud enough, no one will want to challange them. Well fuck you, Mr. Critique, you uncultured colliflower-like growth on a cheap whore’s outer labia. Get a real job and… better yet, get a real goddamn opinion. A critic’s opinion means as much to me as a warm bucket of hamster vomit, and smells worse than my Uncle Sal’s hairy bean bag.

Babar, it’s okay. The capalert site is kind of a running joke. Someone dug it up a couple of months ago. It’s obvious (at least to me) that the fundaloony writing this is using his sanctimonious verbal diarrhea to cover up for the fact that he gets off watching these “evil” movies.

Sola bona lingua est mortua lingua.

Well, it’s not far from the truth, then. Critics are still the arsehole of human civilization.

Recreational gunfire? Periodic drug testing? Teen two-facedness? Video taping a dead bird? Adult in underwear?

I’ve got to re-read the bible- I missed the sections dealing with all these issues.

I loved this film (finally saw it last night).

Am I the only one who found it arousing?

“She’s nothin but a little lyin’ ass bitch… I know she says she loves you but you know she don’t care…”

Many people feel uncomfortable when a film hits too close to home.

The relationship of Ricky Fitts & his dad the Colonel (and silent wife) was suberb (strikes a nerve in me - very close to home) although I thought the incidents at the end (having the colonel go next door) were a severe cop-out.

The whole ending was far too contrived - great right up to the end, though. The film really shouldn’t have had Lester narrating at the end, repeating Ricky’s earlier (excellent) monologue - it took an anti-hollywood ending and made it standard go-home-happy-and-feel-glad-that-you’re-alive hollywood crap.

You have to admit - it’s easy to see why Christians wouldn’t care for this film: prolific profanity, nudity, sexual predatory behavior, stalking, homosexuality, masturbation, child abuse, domestic violence, adultry, drug usage and dealing - God Bless America!