American cell phone and Korean language support

I’m back in the States again, and I’m looking to get a cell phone. It’d be really, really nice if I could get one that supports Korean language font. Preferably both displaying and input, but I’ll take just displaying if I must.
So here’s what I think I’ve gleaned from my searches so far:
Best bet seems to be a Blackberry or other PDA that allows for little programs to be installed.
Some phones can be “reflashed” (I’m not sure what this means or how you go about this) so that they will work.

Assuming I’d rather not have a PDA phone (since they’re all big and clunky), is there some sort of Java app I can install that will at least let me see Korean? I know Gmail has some sort of Java app for their email that supposedly supports Korean, but I’d like to extend that if possible.

Bump? Anyone? As a side note, does anybody know of a way I can get NateOn on my theoretical PDA/Blackberry?