American Dad - 11/22

Not a bad episode, but My Morning Jacket makes The Archies look like Led Zepplin.

Despite both being Seth MacFarlane vehicles, I’ve always found American Dad to have much more internal logic and continuity than Family Guy. Therefore, it was difficult to buy into the ultra-gung-ho patriot and dedicated G-man Stan jeopardizing his treasured FBI gig to follow a rock (term used loosely) band. That’s something Peter Griffin would do.

Still, there were definitely some good laughs, and I loved goupie-Francine. (Is that wrong?)

[nitpick]CIA, not FBI[/nitpick]

I liked groupie-Francine too. I’d do her, and I don’t swing that way!

I saw a name in the credits, Jim James.

Who knew it was a real group / person?