American Idol (04/02): WTF?

OK, was the state of Florida involved in the vote counting here?

First of all, an unprecedented number of votes following what was quite possibly the worst episode ever.

Then, two of the best singers in the bottom three.

How is this possible?

Not to mention the stringing us along just to find out no one’s eliminated. (except for the dude that got bounced yesterday for beating his sister)
All in all, I’d have to give it two eyebrows up. :dubious: :dubious:

Well, they worked so hard to extend the show by at least 2 weeks over last year’s version (12 contestants, v. 10), they sure weren’t going to let some sister-beating twerp cheat them out of another week of ratings!

(Didn’t they pull a similar trick on the millionaire bachelor show?) Bastards!

What happened? A friend and I rented Zoolander and watched that instead of the show.

Well I see it as most likely one of three possibilities.

  1. They were contracted for x number of weeks, and it would be hard to make up some new crap to fill the extra week. So they decided before hand not to eliminte anyone.

  2. Simon decided that Josh was unquestionably the one who should have been booted, and if the voters were not going to vote the right way then he would take advantage of the Corey oportunity and call a do-over out of spite.

  3. Simon obviously wants Carmen to win because she is the most marketable. She lost the vote and Simon took advantage of the Corey oportunity to try to keep her around and hope she can make it farther.

And actually I figure it’s most likely a bit of all three.

Trenyce and Carmen were identified as the two lowest vote-getters, but neither was booted because Corey Clark had to leave because he had lied about his criminal past. Apparently, he is awaiting trial on charges of assaulting his 15 year old sister and resisting arrest.

IMO, Trenyce was shunned because her criminal past was revealed this week. It seems she stole $1000s worth of merchandise from a store she worked at years ago. She fessed up and paid up, her record was cleared, and since she told the AI folks about it (unlike Corey), she was allowed to stay. Methinks the American Idol voters are not so forgiving, though, because she is clearly one of the best on the show.

I think I got the gist of it, but details of their criminal pasts can be found on

Yeah, I thought it was messed up too. Trenyce AND Kimberly Locke in the bottom 3? What?! And Carmen, even though she ain’t good, was so much better than Rickey and Josh this week.

I think they’ve probably already sold a certain number of episodes to the sponsors and they don’t want to give any money back.

This really was the worst…episode…ever…

What was the point of making them sing again?

I was wondering that too. I mean supposedly, the viewing (voting) public liked these two the least last night. So why would the producers subject us to more of their singing?


I’m absolutely baffled as to this week’s voting. It just defies explanation. I can understand Trenyce because of the bad press, and she’s boring and kind of looks like a velociraptor. But Kim Locke was BETTER this week than she was last week, when she wasn’t in the bottom three, and the field was WORSE. So how did she suddenly draw the fans’ ire?

Carmen Rasmussen I can understand - she’s horrible.

wolfman, I disagree. Reasons #2 and #3 are absolute no-gos. How could Simon convince the producers of the show to do that? Trust me, they’ll hold him to his contract - in fact, I sincerely doubt they tell him what the results are.

Besides, it’s senseless; even if you think Josh should go but not Carmen, or whatever, the fact is that if someone polls last at this stage, they’re not going to win, period. So he’d have to magically control the minds of everyone involved in the production of the show, including the PRODUCERS of the show, for eight weeks to get Carmen to win.

Reason #1 is the only reason. They have eight weeks to fill. The schedule is set; they must have eight weeks, not seven. Eight. And they had a perfect opportunity to spring a surprise, because the cops did this week’s elimination for them.

Personally, I don’t mind. I sort of see the show as people winning another WEEK of being a star. This week we had eight people who won another week at the mansion, instead of seven. That’s cool. And two people are going to wonder all week… am I running last?

I think wasting the viewers’ time tonight might have been a bad judgement call on the part of the producers. I checked in at the mid-way point and for the final five minutes and I felt ripped off for them wasting my time. I can only imagine how cheated people felt who stuck out the whole hour.

As to the bottom three, IMO Kimberly Locke has one of the three strongest voices on the show and had the best performance of anyone last night. Clearly, as I expected, the masses are voting for their faves, regardless of whether they performed well or not. And the continued survival of Carmen proves that a lot of voters can be swayed by a decent rack, rather than singing ability (she sounds like a bleating sheep, fer cryin’ out loud!). Come on, people, are you really that shallow, even in the face of really top-notch vocal talent?

I was appalled by the whole sham tonight and intend not to watch any more elimination shows, although I’ll probably stick with the regular shows, if only to hear the great voices left in the competition.

Well, this week’s votes are going to be combined with next week’s, so it isn’t as though it was for nothing.

But damn… I was SURE Rickey and Josh would be bottom 3!

I hope Clay starts taking the criticisms to heart, otherwise he’s going to through away a win on this.

I may be wrong but as I understood it, he is the producer(along with several other guys named Simon and Nigel(which makes the little joke in Spinal Tap even funnier)). They created the show, and sign the artist and make the profits and so forth. I don’t think he is mearly signed as the talent, he is a professional ‘idol maker’. He( and his people) is in control of the show and decides what goes on and what happens, which is why when it comes down to it, he can overrule anybody. Again I may be completly wrong, but that is they way I always understood it.

I have a question. When Simon said that one of the guys who was safe didn’t belong on that stage, was he talking about Josh or Rickey?

I was positive he was talking about Josh, but his comments about Ricky have been more critical in past weeks, and Tuesday he all but called him a clown.

Millions of dollars are on the line. They couldn’t lose one show because of Corey issue. They had to gain that one show back. Solution: Don’t eliminate anybody for one show. Easy. Painless.

I gotta tell ya, I am still fuming over the fact that no one sang a Bee Gees song or a Donna Summer song. The masters of the genre and they simply bypass them!? WTF!?

[chucks mouse across the room]

And no one sang HEART OF GLASS!!! Aargghh!!!

Grace > You’ve probably figured it out by now, but what happened is they went through another overly long elimination show to get to the bottom two and tell them that everyone was safe this week because Corey had already left.

Frankly, I figured they would end up doing something like this because otherwise they would be a week short. The other options would be to bring back the last person eliminated or have a “raffle” for those that were eliminated and bring one of them back. But that would be rather cruel since most likely that person would get eliminated again on the next show.

I really wish they would either stop these stupid hour-long elimination shows or find something better to fill them with than with all the fluff. I think it would be more interesting to put the performers to a “test”, by having them sing a song they hadn’t practiced, or let them showcase a couple of performers in duets (Kim L and Reuben sounded great together when they sang a couple verses as a duet in the group song). I really find it annoying that the public has to make decisions on talent based on one song per week, I’d like to see what else they can do.

An example of judging by one performance would be Tamyra’s elimination last season. She didn’t have her “best” night (according to the judges) but IMO her being “not her best” was still thousands of times better than Nikki at her best.

Back to this season, Reuben is adorable and he may indeed win it all, but I really wish they would get their style people to dress him up at least once. Sure he’s a big guy but that doesn’t mean he can’t dress well. They keep comparing him to Luther Vandross but Luther was always dressed well, even before he lost all weight.

Ass clown.

I’m still baffled at the bottom 3 picks last night. Only Carmen should really have been there. Based on what people here are saying, Trenyce and Kim L are quite often in people’s top 3 or 4 picks. Josh, Rickey and Kim C all performed much worse than they did. For Trenyce, I think Brynda has probably got it right, and she’s suffering from bad press more than bad singing (that’s Trenyce. I haven’t heard any bad press about Brynda). Kim L, I don’t know what happened with her.

I’m pretty sure Simon was refering to Josh when he made his comments about someone on the couches not belonging there. I though Josh was going to cry when Ryan said he was safe. He knew his performance was terrible, and expected to be in the bottom 3 for sure. And he’s right, he should have been. I hope he bought a lottery ticket yesterday too, might as well cash in on that kind of luck.

I really wish they’d trim the elimination show down to 30 minutes. It’s getting painfully obvious that alot of the stuff that’s being done is time filler only. The first thing to go should be those horrible song and dance routines they do “on location”. Last week was “Mustang Sally”, now “Working at the Car Wash” - bleh. Just tell me who’s staying and who’s going.

No, he’s not the producer of the show - in fact, he doesn’t even rate a mention in the credits.

He IS one of the guys who produces the musician’s first album, but that gives him no control over the show or the results. I mean, not to point out the obvious, but if he wanted to produce someone’s album without going through the show process, he’d do that and not bother with the show.

Besides, I think even mean old Simon is smart enough to know that in the end, the person the voting public likes the most is probably his safest bet.

As to who Simon was referring to, I agree it was Cpl. Gracin. Yes, he called Rickey a clown, but he very specifically said that Gracin’s performance wouldn’t have even earned him a trip to Glendale. I interpret that as meaning “You do not belong here.” Which is too bad, he’s a nice guy, but for whatever reason his performances have deteriorated in recent weeks. His voice might be giving out from overwork.