American Idol 2/15....

It’s two hours tonight with the all-nighters and group performances.

It’s Wed/Thurs, I believe, so no AI tonight.

Yeah, not on tonight.

Fine. I’m watching What Not to Wear. :slight_smile:

:smack: I always think it’s one day later than it is.

~Courtesy Bump~ Idol and Survivor fans, Setup your DVR!

Robbie Rosen (L’il Fonzie) made it through…

…but shed a tear for Star-Tits.:stuck_out_tongue:

He’s some kind of wonderful…“YES I AM!” That was hilarious.

The blonde girl sang fine, though, and she was kind for volunteering to work with Star Tits when nobody else would. She kind of got screwed for doing a good deed.

I’m glad the stripper move with Steven didn’t work. Can you imagine if they’d tried that shit with Simon?

“Simon can you sit in this chair please?”

I hope the douchey hipster kid that booted the fat kid out of his group gets bounced.

by the way, is this the firts year the groups have been allowed to have backing music? Because that kind of wrecks it.

Wow, this group right now is biting it hard.

These song selections are crap.

I liked Adam Lambert better when he was gay.

The teenaged kids were not that great. Maybe I was put off by the completely abhorrent parents. The only one I liked was the light-skinned long-haired one.

Both of those groups that did “Somebody to Love” pissed all over the melody, especially that first tool with the headband.

I’d step in front of a train for YUH…

I am digging this crazy-ass Carson dude.

Carrot Top has a case of permanent bitchface, but he’s actually pretty good.

Fuck, I missed it because my husband can’t watch a commercial!

That’s why God invented DVR, Dung Beetle.