American Idol 2/9-2/10

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Anyways. Not much to say. Still loving Steven.

Didn’t care for MC Escher’s weird voice…until she picked up her guitar, OMG, she needs to never put that down. Loved that old timey sound that came out of her. Having said that, I still don’t think she’ll make it too far. I think she could make some serious money in blues bars, music festivals, opening up for people like Sharon Jones etc…But American Idol…not so much. I just don’t think she’s going the voice or the sound to be a Top 40 star. But that’s hardly a bad thing. Even if she gets cut without us ever seeing her on TV again, those few bars she played are probably going to jump start her career. If she’s got a facebook page, I’ll bet her inbox is filling up already.

Looking forward to it…Gotta wait another hour and 45 minutes.

Yeah, she was as cute as a button. Fauxhawk guy is like a weaker Adam Lambert, but his son is adorable.

I’m ready for Hollywood to start at this point. There were very few people I loved during auditions. About the only one I found memorable was the redheaded guy who sang Bohemian Rhapsody and the Seth Rogan guy.

God, I hope we don’t have to hear him do a Lambert-style screech every week. Also, they need to give him a major makeover.

Columbian girl was very pretty and has a good voice, though I don’t like her singing style. She’s got good looks, poise, and can sing–I predict she’ll go far.

I hated MC Escher and Fauxhawk Guy until they sang. Now I only dislike them, but I admit they have interesting voices.

I didn’t think Ukranian Girl was so bad, voice and looks-wise. She just needed a personality transplant. :slight_smile:

Wasn’t she something? And she’s 22? Do they grow 'em smaller in Ukraine? She looked about 12.

Her voice was okay – not much worse than some they’ve put through – but that attitude – holy moly.

When I saw her husband, I wondered if she was a mail order bride. He looked much older.

Asperger’s/Tourette’s/Fauxhawk won’t last long. I just have a feeling.

Hollywood week starts tonight. One of the contestants that advanced through Nashville is a former Miss Tennessee Teen USA.

She is the daughter of another reality show contestant, Kip Henley. The Big Break on the Golf Channel. He is now a caddy for a moderately successful PGATour Pro, Brian Gay.

Man, I was glad to see that grinning little Victoria get the boot! As far as I’m concerned she can take all the sob story tellers with her.

Is it my imagination but are most of the contestants they are featuring being eliminated tonight?

I guess that makes some sense, they want to wait to tell the stories of the singers that are advancing.

It didn’t take long for the person I identified in post 8 to bite the dust.

I think the male lovebird is toast.

I’m a little behind. Stormi looks like Brooke Shields. I didn’t notice that in her initial audition. Lauren’s choice of “Unchained Melody” was terrible. Fauxhawk wasn’t as good the 2nd time around either, and I thought the girl with the deaf kid was going home after attempting Celine Dion. Glad my two initial favorites are still in.

I’ll enjoy hating Tiffany Star-Tits a little longer…

I forgot entirely about Henry Winkler, Jr. until I saw him again. I liked him, too.

Please support Robbie Rosen.

He will help raise awareness in the fight to find a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy!

I’m trying to find the song that they played when black-guy with glasses got kicked off.

Anyone have any clue?

eta: Oh, I think there’s a lyric that says, “Just come back home” or something.

Man, Nick the Fink was irritating. Glad he’s gone.

Picture by Kid Rock?
I love the nicknames you guys come up with for the contestants. Sadly I missed the show tonight.

:smack: I knew there was something important about him, but I couldn’t remember what.

Glad to be of service.

Is he the one being referred to here as Fonzie?