American Idol 4/22 and 4/23

The six remaining hopefuls take on songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber.
See you later…

So, does anyone else now count David A. as their very least favorite? I mean, technically I admire his singing ability, but he just bores the ever-living piss out of me. I don’t even bother ranking him anymore, since every week it’s “9 for vocals, 0 for making me care if a lighting rig falls and squishes you into something Paula can hang on her rear view mirror”.

Everyone else now has at least some aspect of themselves that I like, and I’d be fine with any one of them winning. That’s unfortunate, since he’s such the front-runner, but I’m hoping there will be a backlash against his incredibly boring performances that will counter the teeny-bopper vote.

I’m faaaaaar from being either a teeny or a bopper. :smiley: But I like David Archuleta very much, and find him to be very interesting and entertaining. Frankly, I don’t understand the “cuteness” angle that people keep talking about. He has a unibrow. Children-of-the-corn black eyes. A mouth too wide for his face. And big ears. I think he looks like Alfred E. Newman.

But his voice is simply startling in its complexity and beauty.

On the other hand, I like the other David almost as much. My only concern about him is that I think he should be fronting a band. Kind of like Daughtry does. If I were one of his great big fans, I’d want him to finish second.

I can’t stand David A., and get all bent out of shape when the judges start kissing his ass. He sings fine, but is not the AI messiah, and his voice has a tone that’s too…something irritating.

And, I can’t stand his mannerisms, his goofy/golly-gee attitude, and his complete lack of edge of any kind. He will be just another cookie-cutter Zac Efron/Drake Bell (yes, I have a daughter).

Like we need some more of those…

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Mariah Carey night, they throw Andrew Lloyd Weber at me. Sigh. I mean, I can understand having a Mariah night, with her being one of the biggest pop stars ever and all, but what’s the point of doing Andrew Lloyd Weber on a show where the judges often criticize people for sounding “too Broadway”?

I’ll admit to being bored with David A. Every week I feel like I should rank him high because he does sing well, but it’s just all so blah to me. He’s like the male version of Melinda Dolittle.

The producers of the show obviously don’t consult with the judges when they line up “mentors”, which can lead to interesting conflicts. Well, it conceivably could, if the judges ever said anything interesting at all.

Ranking the contestants in terms of who I look forward to seeing each week: Carly’s first. David A is at the bottom, in the “time to unload the dishwasher” territory.

David A.'s squinting and sinus-clogged, short of breath voice aren’t doing it for me.

I don’t really think I like anybody this season (except Jason, but that’s just to look at), but the fact that the powers that be seem to love David A. just because they decided that’s what they’re going to kind of pisses me off.

I think an Andrew Lloyd Weber night might be fun. I’m sort of looking forward to it.

I don’t think David A. sings all that well. His voice may be technically okay, but it’s got no life or edge to it. It’s similar to Syesha’s voice.

I predict a final two Battle of the David’s, and I hope Cook kicks the Boy King’s ass.

As for Lloyd Webber, god help us all.

ETA: On second thought I hope the Boy King wins after all. Then he’ll be the one saddled with the cheesetastic glory song and the crappy record deal.

Just curious, is anyone else’s interest waning this year more than others? I’m having a hard time getting excited about this year’s cast, but I’ll watch anyway.

The threads, but not the show, are wearing a bit thin on me. The David A hatred and bashing is relentless, and even irrational (a word selected by one of his bashers). I’m apparently the only person who thinks he has any redeeming qualities, so in that sense I feel lonely in here.

But it’s funny because some who trash him the most seem to like David Cook quite a lot, and find no irony in the fact that everything he does sounds exactly the same — Eddie Vedder channeling Sylvia Plath. He will chew on the mike as he croons. His eyes will scan the audience like a Secret Service agent looking for an assassin. He will muscle the mike stand to remind us he’s a rocker. And he will change the song to a minor or mixolydian melody, flattening all the thirds and sevenths. And people will go, “OMG wow!”


I have a theory about why it isn’t as interesting. There have been enough Idol “losers” to have success, that I think folks realize that David Cook, for example, doesn’t have to win to have a successful career.

BTW, am I the only one who hates the live audience. I mena i like the audience during the performances, but they totally get on my nerves during the judges critiques.

I haven’t been posting but I do read the threads. I find David A. literally unwatchable, have an extraordinary hatred for David C. and most of the rest of the group bores me to tears.

I’ve only watched since season 4, and in each season had people that I liked more or less, but I’m not having fun anymore.

Might try next year, but might not bother.

I agree with gangster it seems once you make it into the top ten you’ve already got more career opportunities than the average struggling musician. and if recent idol contests are any indication, winning is almost a nail in the coffin to a successful music career (Taylor Hicks, Rueben, where are they now?)

On the other hand, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are having glorious careers.

So? All the contestants have a tendency to sound the same. It’s what they do. I don’t expect Jason Castro to walk out there and belt out a power ballad Whitney-Houston style, and he would look ridiculous if he did. In Randy’s words, they’re just doin’ their THANG, DAWG.

The difference between David A. and David C. is that one of them bores me to tears when he does his thing, and the other doesn’t.

If he’s merely boring, then why all the hyperbole about kicking his ass and giving him crappy deals? Maybe it’s a regional thing. To me, boring is rather neutral, and merits more of a yawn than a maiming.

Huh? “Kicking his ass” doesn’t mean I’m hoping the kid is literally maimed. It’s merely my way of saying I think David C is much much better and deserving of a good record deal.

I think the “maiming,” is a reaction to the judges constantly praising him, even when he doesn’t do a fantastic job.

So far, they’ve certainly been consistent:

Cook turns R&B hits into creepy stalker ballads while Archuleta mangles melodies of inspirational songs with “important messages.”

Just once I’d like to hear Archuleta sing something just for fun. And I’d like to hear Cook do something where he’s not trying to impersonate Scott Stapp.

I’d like to hear my future fling David Cook do either Heaven on the Minds, Gethsemane, Superstar or one of ALW’s lesser known songs- the snake preacher’s number Wrestle With the Devil from WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND (which I think he could tear the hell up but people would think he’d gone mad).

Archuleta would have to choose very very very very badly (“David Archuleta with “The Thirty-Nine Lashes” from JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR!”) not to have this one in the bag.

I’d love to hear Syesha do a diva version of Another Suitcase in Another Hall (which would be ironic to hear her reprise if voted off).

Jason Castro would do good with almost any of Jesus’s numbers (doesn’t have the anger for Judas) or High Flying Adored.

Carly will do I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM- I’d put at least $2 on it.

There is nothing wrong with DA’s voice… a bit meh!, but I expect him to get better with age.