American proof of WMD?

This popped into my inbox this morning - thought you may like it…

A journalist is asking an American Government Official

“What proof do you have that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction?”

and the American replies,

“We kept the receipts”.

FYI - this weekend there is a mass of anti-war rallies planned, this is a world wide effort and could be the biggest global protest ever.

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See you there :smiley:

Oh big whoop. I dont know if you think this war is only about oil or not, but I completely believe that the U.S. has significant proof that Iraq has WMD. If they dont, explain this.

Maybe they ran out of bags during Gulf War 1.0. Maybe they ordered too many by mistake. Maybe W has a buddy in the body bag business. Maybe the guy who ordered them is a pessimist. Maybe they got a good deal. Maybe the Australian news source is incorrect. Maybe a lot of things.