Americana Odessey

It’s quiet. Everyone is still asleep. Our Shanghai neighborhood is slowly waking up to a hot and very humid Tuesday morning. The factory across the street will be blown up later this morning and turned into a park by the time we return.

I haven’t been back to the US for nearly 3 years. Ms. China Guy is Shanghaiese, lived in Japan and Hong Kong but has only been to the US a couple of times for a total of maybe 3 months. China Bambina just turned one and is going to the US for her first trip ever to meet a whole posse of relatives she doesn’t even know exist.

It took a while but the travel documents for all of us are in order, bags are packed, tickets on the table, baby travel advice from the boards taken to heart. Going to the airport early in hopes of getting those prime economy class seats and beg the counter person to block off a seat for China Bambina. Her ticket would cost 3/4 price of an adult if we got a seat, otherwise still getting hit for a 10% surcharge for the pleasure of carrying her to the US. Yes, I did think about sedation and a big suitcase, but it just didn’t seem that practical. One more thing, China Bambina is testing out her voice these days, and she loves volume. After reading these boards on attitudes to little kids, I’m sure she will win many friends on the plane.

I expect that my 3 year absence, and seeing the US through the eyes of my wife, baby and relatives may turn up some interesting Americana that I will share as time permits.

The espresso machine has been fired up, the beans ground, and it’s time to wake the household before jetting off with a 20 hour transit. Wish us luck.

I hope you have a good trip, pal! Don’t forget to write.

Have fun, China!

I am unable to take my customary tour of the US this summer:(! Too much damn work! Heavy sigh…