American's are too dumb for an Obama presidency.

In the WorldNutDaily pit thread I posted a link to this article Academic Elites Fill Obama’s Roster and I was going to leave it at that. But the more I thought about this article, the angrier I became.

Because the norm in government for the last eight years have been graduates from barely accredited Bible colleges. Don’t believe me? From the article:

And Bush’s model worked out so well for this country.

Because ‘regular Americans’ are a bunch of dumb fucks with no education and a good education is nothing but “highbrow snobbery”.
How about we try this. We wait until Obama is President and when he fucks up (and he will. He’s only human) we can jump all over his shit. Until then, lets stop making up shit to attack. Obama’s cabinet is too smart for America? What the fucking fuck?

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Otherwise, right on! The last thing conservatives want is an educated and intelligent populace.

Is your thread title a joke?

They’re desperate and deluded over at WeirdNutDeadly. Desperate because the will of the people has been shoved in their face and smushed around good. Deluded because they’ve held on so long and so tightly to the gospel that Education is Elitism that it’s now a death grip.

i 4 1 welcum moore smart people in office. Teh reprisant poeple lik me witch is wg=hat we needed foer quit some tim.

U mispelld "smarterer’.

I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.
William F. Buckley, Jr.

Anyone who doesn’t understand that academic myopia can lead to being out of touch with common people’s issues, is also too stupid for an Obama Presidency. :wink:

Has he been appointing sitting faculty to top positions, or just people who went to Ivy league colleges? The latter, I’m okay with.

I like this bit:

I’ll take “knowledge but not judgment” over the lack of both that the current administration has been working with.

Smug Alphabeticist Elitist Bastard. Those people get to be first in everything, just because they won the birth lottery and got the names beginning with ‘A’.

When I take over the world, I’m going to create a new alphabet based on phoenetics, where no two characters make the same damned sound, but likewise one character won’t make 10 different sounds. Then we’ll finally be able to spell everything properly and those goddamned A people will be relegated to the end of the list, where we’ll put the vowels.
Chimera (whose real name is much much further down the alphabet)

Y’know, my wife used to claim that half the reason she married me was to improve her alphabetical standing; she moved up from one of the last letters to top 1/3. Of course, she also said that the other half of the reason was the turkey stuffing I make.

At least she’s got her priorities straight! :smiley:

My son just informed me that i r dum. This is why I can’t get into Obama’s cabinet.

You know, it isn’t just the nuts at WorldNetDaily wondering about the Obama picks - the article quoted didn’t come from them, and that same article ran in the Washington Post. Similar articles pointing out this potential issue have run in the Salt Lake Tribune, the Chronicle of Higher Education and even the Harvard Crimson.

Personally, I have nothing against Ivy Leaguers - I’m even related to a couple. But I got a pretty good education at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m sure posters here attended college all over, including (like my brother) the proverbial College of Hard Knocks.

It’s a shame that such people as us won’t likely be considered for high picks in an Obama administration. And frankly, that seems strange - Democrats seem to look out for the little guy and did so much in the past to build up these land grant and other public colleges, not to mention small private schools.

There was some sneering during the campaign about Sarah Palin and the fact that she graduated from the University of Idaho after several transfers and about an extra year of study. It was just about the worst kind of snobbery from people whose own academic career was often hardly more distinguished, and sent an awful message. These picks send another in the aggregate, and Democrats ought to consider how they look.

Right now the Democratic Party is strong among the working class and among the professional class - and the priorities of the one don’t coincide with the other right down the line. This is one example of this, and one area where the Republicans will easily have an opening if the Democrats aren’t careful.

I don’t suppose this could have anything to do with the fact that Buckley went to Yale?

(of course, unlike our beloved GWB, he probably actually learned something there)

Meh. I went to Mediocre Regional State U, by choice, and there were plenty of brilliant people there - but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather have gone to Yale or Princeton, all things being equal.

Personally, I’d prefer that my world leaders go to Oxford, MIT, the Sorbonne, etc. than Good Football Okay Academics College.

Oh what fucking tripe. I want the best goddamn people in this nation to be in charge of running it, not “people like us”. And I don’t give a crap where they got their education, nor, I’m sure, does Barack Obama.

This is the most ridiculously stupid thing I have heard in a long time.

I, for one, welcome our new misapostrophised overlord’s.

Well, sure, but it’s another example of Why Democrats Are Unfit To Lead.

Isn’t that what really matters?


Quoted for brilyuns.

No, it really isn’t.