a big fan of Red Dwarf...


I’m a big fan of British comedy sci-fi series Red Dwarf (I’m English)…and I’ve recently seen the unaired US pilot for Red Dwarf (interestingly starring Jane Leeves[Daphne Moon from Frasier] as Holly).

So…it was unaired, apparently because US audiences didn’t get it. I personally thought it was pretty good, even in comparison with the British version.

Anyway, even though it was never converted to the US, I did read somewhere that the British Red Dwarf has something of a cult status in the US.

Is this true? Or does no-one know what I’m even talking about.

I love Red Dwarf, and I get to see it on BBC America (carried by my satellite TV provider) every do often. Absolutely hilarious. Maybe not quite on par with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy novels, but definitely a good show. I have one of the books, Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, and I will buy more as I find them.

I’ve never heard of an American version, but I would’ve watched it for sure.

I’m a Britcom geek. :smiley:

So far as I know, it’s true. I know many people who love the show (I’m one of them), but it’s obviously not something that everyone has heard of. I’d say that it does indeed have cult status here.

Cool! I’m a cultist!

:: Dons tinfoil hat and dances with a stuffed grizzly bear. ::


I love that show. (though I’m Canadian not USAian.) I think I’ve seen some episodes four times at least. My wife thinks I’m nuts and that the shows are crap. Are there lots of female fans out there?

Kendo, where did you get to see an American version? I’d really enjoy seeing that just to compare with the original.
BTW, who are the other actors in it?


I also enjoy Red Dwarf on BBC America. My only complaint is not with the show, but with the fact that I’ve only seen non-sequential episodes. I’m dying to see the early seasons (especially Ep. 1) and see the progression of their adventures.

Does anyone out there know if there are RD episodes on video?

Red Dwarf USA script
Tidbits about the show

Red Dwarf at Amazon

Hmmm…link didn’t seem to work. They are available at Amazon anyway.

How about this amazon link :slight_smile:

It’s been popular fare on PBS over here, which is where many of us see British imports in the US. KTEH (San Jose) has aired Red Dwarf on and off for years. They just started cycling it again on Sunday nights, beginning all the way from the first season. PBS stations will often use Red Dwarf at pledge time, and push Red Dwarf tapes, tee shirts, etc. as pledge gifts.

Female American Red Dwarf fan checking in here. Yes, I get it. I used to love it, but I didn’t like the later seasons as well as the earlier. I particularly love the Cat, but then, I’m an animal person. I would be interested to see the unaired American version. I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on it.

AFIK, there is only one other book: Better than Life. IMHO, the first book (IWCD) is a must read for anyone who plans to watch the show. Sets up the entire situation better and even features Rimmer & Lister’s first meeting, with Lister as some futuristic cabbie.

Y’all know about the movie that’s in production, yes? There’s a rumor that Doug Naylor is trying to use the movie to jump-start versions of the series in other markets. Maybe we’ll see one in the US within the next couple of years.

Red Dwarf does have a cult following in America… I never thought I’d say that I’m a cultist, but I am.

… and if I still had a TV, I’d still be watching it too…

Jeff Olsen:
Thanks for telling me about the movie. I’ll have to see it when it comes out.

I’m tempted by the thought of whole seasons of Red Dwarf at my fingertips…


As far as I know, I’ve seen every episode and own all of the books. I only have the last two seasons on tape, but the show is on PBS all of the time and I tune in to rewatch every once and a while.

Love it! I have a couple seasons on VHS - not nearly enough, and only catch the program erratically on PBS. I haven’t seen it listed on BBC America - I’ll have to look more closely at BBC America, I have the channel, but haven’t ever noticed RD advertised.

yeah - it’s late… preview is good

Another female fan here! I haven’t seen very many episodes as I don’t know when it is on. I seem to just catch it by accident sometimes on PBS. I really should look into getting the books and the video cassettes. I’d love to see a movie but I am a bit wary of an American version. I’d watch it but I think that British show to American show may fare even worse than book to movie. I’m basing this on Robot Wars to Battelbots.

Does anyone know of any other Bristish show to American show that I can use as a comparison? I’m sure I’m missing plenty but I can’t seem to think of any right now. I had heard at one time that Absolutely Fabulous was going to be Americanized (with Roseanne Barr as Edina for God’s sake!). Thank God they brought back the original instead.

I love Red Dwarf. I haven’t seen it in a long time, though; I have always seen it on PBS out of the US - I don’t know of any Canadian stations that carry it.

I am sure that if Smeghead were about, he would pop his not-actually-made-from-Smeg head in here and say that he likes it passably as well.