Is Red Dwarf funny? Do you recommend it?

It streams on Netflix and my wife and I are thinking to watch it. We like Sci-fi things, but aren’t sure about this one. Here is a list of shows we have liked:

Doctor Who
Veronica Mars
The office(UK)
Babylon 5
Arrested Development
30 Rock(when it was funny)
Basically, we think we might like the genre, but aren’t sure about the show. Thoughts?

I think it’s the sort of “cult” type show people love or hate…lots of zany comedy, and definitely don’t go into it expecting tight continuity (the look/feel and tone of the show varies season to season as well… IIRC I found some of the earlier episodes slow going, things pick up in the middle seasons).

I’d recommend watching the first episode, which sets up the basic characters and concept and gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

I thought it was pretty funny for the first three or four seasons, and I like a majority of shows on your list. Keep in mind, Red Dwarf has almost no season long story arcs, or much continuity. If that’s what you like about the shows in your list, RD might not be for you.

I will always recommend Red Dwarf, but with a little hesitation.

For one thing, its production values are not super high, and it may be fair to say that it hasn’t aged well. Far easier to have loved it if you watched it approximately as it aired.

Also, people seem to disagree wildly about which are “the best” seasons - and for sure they are quite variable. I tend to think that they started well and got better, with one season in the middle being substandard.

If you enjoy the synergy of a disembodied type A personality, a scouse slob, and of a cat that’s involved into a sort of cross between James Brown and Cab Calloway, all set in a b-grade sci-fi universe with cardboard sets like classic Dr. Who, you’ll have a good time.

Here’s a recent thread on the show -

Thanks, I did not realize we had discussed it so recently.

The sets may not be great, but I always thought that the model shot of Red Dwarf itself during the closing credits was very impressive, particularly as they zoom out.
The show definitely picks up in the second season when Kryten comes on board.

When I was a kid, my mom married a british guy. His son was obsessed with Red Dwarf, thinking it was the greatest thing since Monty Python. I only remember one line from all the episodes he used to make me watch:

“Can you imagine a woman with six breasts? Can you imagine making love to her?”

I’ve not been especially inspired to watch it again.

Yes, and yes. I find as I get older it gets better. The poignancy of it is more in evidence.

And a dutiful AI ship’s computer with an IQ of 6mumble!

Poor Holly never gets any respect.

I am bound to rewatch the series from the start again now - haven’t done so since the series ended.

Yes, it is very funny, but the first series was very patchy. I’ll try and find some decent youtube clips tomorrow to give you a flavour.

I like it, and find it intelligent and funny. The cheap production values are not a problem at all. They fit perfectly with the show’s ethos of decay. It is well to be aware, however, that the underlying comic vision is very dark and misanthropic. The main ‘human’ characters, Lister and Rimmer are really both quite horrible in their very different ways (and none of the other regular or occasional characters are much better). If that is the sort of thing you like (and lots of people do), then go for it.

Anyone seen “Back to Earth”? What’s the consensus?

I’ve also seen there’s going to be a new series airing next year…

I’m a fan. :slight_smile:

It ain’t highbrow humour, but I’ve laughed out loud at it more than once. Give it a try - if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. :slight_smile:

I did. It was pretty awful. I’m not hopeful about the future of the show, considering how bad the last few seasons were. The show really only worked when Rob Grant and Doug Naylor were BOTH writing it.

It had its moments. The scene with Rimmer doing computer enhancement of the surveillance photo was great.

And Red Dwarf is coming back for a brand new series, soon. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck!

Hardly the best example of dialogue from the show.

(In fact, IIRC, the line directly following “Imagine making love to her” - Rimmer saying “Imagine making love” is pretty funny, in context.)

I like Red Dwarf, though I haven’t seen it in ages. The fact that it’s set in space is pretty much incidental for many episodes, to be honest. It’s more an old-fashioned sitcom about the interplay between disparate characters forced to live together in close proximity and getting on each other’s nerves.

The skit on CSI-style image enhancement that Biffy mentioned is inspired, though I haven’t seen the rest of “Back to Earth”.