Americans Getting Married in Mexico

I have a few questions about American citizens getting married in Mexico. I’m not getting married anytime soon, this stems from a discussion with a coworker. We would like to know:
[li]Does one need to get a marriage license in the States or in Mexico (both, maybe)? [/li][li]What are the requirements for getting married in Mexico (age, blood tests, etc.)?[/li][/ol]

Thanks in advance for any answers!

It’s pretty tough to get married in Mexico compared to the United States, if you’re an American. On the other hand, a Mexican can get married in the United States without anything, pretty much – they don’t even have to be legal in my part of the country ('cos marriage doesn’t guarantee a green card, and can impede progress if you do it wrong). Heck, I don’t remember needing a blood test when I got married.

When I was considering getting married in Mexico, I had to get official translations of all of my documents, including apostilles. I had to figure out how to get a copy of my criminal record (or in my case, lack thereof).

Here’s some more general information.

Mexicans will often have two ceremonies, and often not even on the same day. There’s the big church ceremony, plus a separate civil ceremony (which is the legal one). In many cases the civil ceremony is just having a judge sign the paper. In short, in Mexico, the priest or ship captain or whoever doesn’t have the power to sign the marriage certificate as in the 'States.

I’m good friends with a couple, and the woman is from Brazil. When they got married, they did their civil ceremony here, and then we all flew to Brazil for the religious ceremony.