America's Got Talent 7/6

Bulls/Matadors: funny but not really on the talent level needed. Once again Brandy didn’t vote but passed the buck to the other two.

Passing Zone: I’ve seen these guys perform live before…actually I think I’ve seen this same act. They’re funny and have a very polished patter, I think :slight_smile: Once again, David shows how much he hates jugglers.

Miller brothers: little kid was annoying as crap to watch and couldn’t sing his way out of a used Kleenex, but could do nifty and original stuff with the harmonica. Older brother was decent. And again, Brandy didn’t vote.

Lilia the contortionist: hearing her talk she sounds like a complete brainless ditz, bt she’s hot and wearing fishnet, so she’s a shoe-in. The funny thing is that she talks about how unique her talent is, but someone else did the same thing last week on Master of Champions (contortionist shooting arrow with her feet–except that one did it blindfolded).

Sean Crump: EEEEEK. Um, he knows he sucks, right? He’s just trying to get on TV right?

Mark Faje: YAY! I know him! He’s fun. I’ve seen him do this in person. Yes, with the great Scorpini in his pants and everything. I’ve also seen him throw knives at people after drinking an entirely unsafe amount of Makers Mark. Heh. Wow, even Hasselhoff voted for him. Finally, a juggler he likes! Ah, but he didn’t juggle–that’s why.

Sharon the birdcaller: Oh my god. This isn’t for real. This can’t be for real.

Taylor the yodeller: She’s cute and has a good personality. She’s also really good! She sounded really nervous, but she did great anyway. This doesn’t mean yodelling doesn’t still kind of scare me, though…

Buster Balloon: This has to be one of the scariest and most disturbing things ever witnessed on television…

Flippy the Magnificent: OH DEAR GOD NO! I’m kind of wondering where that was going, though…

The Players Club: They were ok but didn’t really impress me.

Laughing Yogi: Wtf was that?

Quick Change Artist: How the HELL did they do THAT!?!??!!?!? Wow.

I agree with you. Very entertaining to watch, but if I wouldn’t want them to win.

Favorite line: What, you thought we’d do it with them over our eyes? That’da been hard.

Also: You told your parents about this?

I don’t see what was wrong with their outfits. Their wardrobe fit their act.

Yeah, there were times when the little kid was annoying, but you have to admit, I thought he was amazing with the harmonica.

Hot, ditzy, fishnets, and flexible. What more do you need?

He ruined a perfectly good Elvis song, he is forever my enemy.

I know David doesn’t like jugglers, but I think the british guy likes them even less. His act was entertaining, but not the best I’ve seen.


You could tell she was very nervous. When she spoke to the judges at the beginning it was obvious. I think she would have done much better (she still did great) if she weren’t so nervous. Hopefully next time her nerves will settle, although they could get worse becuase the stakes are higher.

Dude, in 7 years, she’s going to be hot.

That was strangly arousing. Ok, not really.

That guy is my favorite of the night. As soon as they called his name you knew you were in for a treat. I do so highly wish they let him finish his act. It’s also a shame Raul didn’t have a nipple ring also.

Favorite line: “I’ve had better shows…but I’ve also had a lot worse.”

Flippy was so awesome.

Be happy and relax.

Seriously! The first couple of tricks I thought he was good but it didn’t really interest me. But as his act when on my jaw progressivly lowered to the floor. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more amazed they did that confetti trick.

How the HELL did they do THA!?!??!!?!?

Re the Quick Change Artists

They’re just one of the acts I’m positive I saw on 30 Seconds To Fame.

The Contortionist

Yep. Seen it before. Once on Letterman.

Passing Zone

I think I saw them at Universal Studios. I’ve actually been comparing the skill level of the other juggling acts to them.

Buster Balloon

I was disappointed. I was hoping for thirty seconds of balloon twisting advice before he got buzzed. Instead, we see an old weather balloon act.

The Happy Yogi

Perhaps he is happy and relaxed because he has killed ranger Smith and swiped a pic a nic basket?