America's Got Talent: premiere episode

My comments as I’m watching… not gonna comment on every act, just on the ones I have something to say something about.

First juggler: he didn’t do anything I can’t do, and I’m not a very good juggler. He didn’t even do more than 3 of anything! I was juggling raquets at age 15, and I’ve done those knives whenever I can borrow some from fellow jugglers (they’re from and they’re really expensive or I’d own some). Also he dropped a lot. ALL jugglers drop. ALL jugglers. But a decent juggler should be able to juggle three things for 30 seconds without dropping. He wasn’t even trying tricks! I drop all the time, but it’s usually when I’m practicing throwing doubles out of my left hand, or trying to do a flourish or an under-arm throw or something. If I’m just trying to do a vanilla cascade? Hell I could outjuggle that guy in my sleep. And like I said, compared to the community of jugglers, I suck ass.
The 8 year old comedienne: loved her.
Eddie Haskell and the saw thing: wish I could have heard more. Not saying I’d have voted for him but I think he hadn’t really DONE IT yet.
The ventriloquist/Godzilla thing: was amazing.
Impressions Guy: wow. Bad impressions bigtime.
Hand balancing guy: should be in Cirque du Soleil. He was great. Nice costume, too. And he’d look great in Cirque makeup.
Basketball guys: Whoa. Amazing. The energy was fantastic.
Nose flute: um. yeeeeaaaaah.
God Bless America lady: she wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t a good enough singer to be on the show. She started out weak–but I think that’s because she was nervous. She got better as she went, and she did get the high note.
Interjection: The British judge hitting other people’s buttons is really irritating.
Ivan Pecel: I’ve met him. He’s a really great juggler and a super nice guy–and funny, I’ve seen him perform and it was great–and I was pissed that they buzzed him. David Hasselhoff just doesn’t like jugglers–he voted for the geriatric stripper, but totally dismissed juggling as a talent. But he made it through! YAY IVAN!
The microwave magician act: I liked it. It wasn’t the best magic I’ve ever seen, but it was clever and entertaining. Often, magic isn’t entertaining because we’ve seen the tricks so many times.
The cow: it amused me, but it wasn’t a huge talent act.
Gospel guy: didn’t do it for me. He can sing but nothing super special. WTF was with the “best juggler” crack? Ivan was doing tricks with five balls and not dropping! This guy threw his mic in the air and managed to catch it. I realize he was making a joke, but jokes like that need to have a particle of truth to them or they’re stupid, not funny.
Shirtless juggler: clean routine and well done. David H. really just has it out for jugglers. He needs to get over his personal taste and acknowledge that people can still be very talented at things that David doesn’t like.
Bird lady: I liked it! I would have loved to see her other birds.
Dog act: LOVED IT. So cute. But I just love watching trained dogs.
Rapping Granny: HA! She’s great. She knows how to make a crowd react, and that is a talent all on its own.

I was pretty disgusted by this show. Not because of the performers, but because of the panel. Those hacks were terrible. Hasselhoff can’t articulate anything greater than a three-word sentence; Moesha doesn’t have an original thought in her head (“I loved your act but was peer pressured into buzzing you by these two guys!”), and the Brit buzzed just about everyone- and as you mentioned, not just with his own buzzer but with the other two as well.

Regis must be kicking himself for being involved with this crap. And NBC- you guys have just out-Foxed Fox.

I just can’t imagine who thought we needed the Gong Show back in our lives. :confused:

Simon Cowell.
Since he appeared in advertising and in line on the show itself, I was hoping to see Sylvester the Jester perform, but no such luck. I wonder how many other acts auditioned for them that were rejected.

Oh yeah, that impressionist was horrible! His Arnold Schwarzenegger sounded more like a stereotypical Asian man.

It’s appropriate that the elderly stripper did his routine to the tune of She Bangs, since he may be the strangest contestant on a reality show since William Hung.

I liked the microwave magician act.
He mixed prop comedy (ala Carrot Top or Gallagher) with stage magic (Copperfield). If he has more than just 2 tricks in his act he could be good.
Just have to see what he does next time.

Same for ventriloquist/godzilla. He was entertaining but what is he going to do for a follow up act?

Basketball guys. Fun, but haven’t they already been in like every NBA halftime show around the country already?

Hand balancing guy. Very talented and fun to watch but gets boring after the first minute and a half. He could easily get a job with cirque.

Maybe I’m overthinking this show, but what’s the point of voting yay or nay after the judges have given the act three Xs and stopped him after only a few seconds? Shouldn’t that be an automatic no? I kept expecting them to just wave bye to people after they cut them off with the big red Xs but then they would discuss it as if they hadn’t already rejected them in a dramatic fashion.

I’ve only ever seen the Gong Show once, but I have to say, I would be more interested in this show if it did have a big gong.

The original was bettah. Jayne P. Morgan was such a filthy tramp. This panel totally needs to be re-vamped.

They need the Unknown Comic and Jean Jean the Dancing Machine.

What a hideous show! Total waste of time.
The “bad talent” isn’t bad enough. The chin boogie between losers and judges sounds canned. Regis seems uncomfortable. The judges stink. I’m not gonna watch any more.

Has it just become standard now to copy the AI model for judging panels? There always has to be a British grump, an effusive bubblehead who likes everything, and “cool” guy (I know it’s a stretch to call Hasslehoff “cool,” but this is network TV’s idea of cool, not actual cool).

I agree that it was annoying when the “Simon” kept buzzing everyone else’s buzzers and Regis is no Chuck Barris. Maybe if he started telling some off-color jokes between acts…

It was so bad I actually switched over to “So You Think You Can Dance?”
And when Regis starts signing off with “Philbin out!” barricade yourself. The revolution has begun, and it will be televised.

sounds just like that show Master of Champions that starts tonight. I love how networks always have the same ideas at the same time.

Master of Champions? That sounds like something you would see on the Simpsons.

Hey, I watched MASTER OF CHAMPIONS. I kept thinking this was really a Japanese show that was being dubbed into that bad English. But, NOOOOO!

If you watch the intro to Master of Champions you see a guy at one point playing DDR while juggling torches. I know him :slight_smile: He did that (with clubs, not torches) at the IJA competition last year. Also if you watch the intro to America’s Got Talent you see a clip of a guy tossing a bowling ball with knives sticking out of it and on fire with his foot and catching it on his face. That’s Mark Fayhe (sp?) and I know him too. He also juggles with a live scorpion down his pants. He’s wacky.