America's Got Talent...Anyone interested?

I am a big fan of Americas Got Talent, and am excited for the new season to start in a week. As with a lot of shows that have threads pop up on it I have no problem manning the America’s Got Talent threads every week, but I don’t wanna start them if no one’s gonna really read it or participate. I figured I would throw out some feelers to see if there’s enough of a following on the Dope to start threads about it every week.

Anyone interested?

It won’t be the same without the Hoff, but then again I said it wouldn’t be the same without Jerry Springer either, and that was okay. I guess I’ll watch again.

It’s not like there are tons of things to see on television in the summer anyway, so why not. Besides, sometimes they have some decent singers and acts.

There is a German version of it, and a friend sent us the DVD with the last two episodes from last season. They had some decent acts, some pretty good singers - both kids and adults - and the winner?
A guy and a trained dog - and to be honest, the dog’s tricks weren’t even all that great.
We think the German audience just wanted to piss off the judges on the show and, from the expressions on the jugdes’ faces when the dog was announced the winner, it seems to have had the desired effect.

The Hoff was so obnoxious - not that Howie Mandel is much less obnoxious, but it will be a lot easier to watch without Hasselhoff mugging his way through the series.