Amish man accused of sexting girl, 12

Amish man in Indiana arrested, accused of sexting girl, 12

Now that’s just wrong on multiple levels.

Yeah. They’ll be mad at him for having a phone.

Really? You think?

Rumspringa gone Wrong!

What, people expect the Amish to be saints?

Young, horny, unmarried Amish guy wants nookie, tries to go outside of the community hoping to keep it quiet, and gets caught. You think this is the first time something like that has happened?

I think that’s the Mormons.

So they BOTH had phones?! I’m shocked.

Uh, is anyone eles more shocked at the idea that Yoder expected to have sex with a 12 year old girl. That’s just wrong, rgardless of your religion.

Hiow will I know it’s you?

I’ll be driving a one-horse carriage. You cant miss me.

Did he know she was 12? The article doesn’t say. Incumbent on him to find out her age, of course, but I am curious.

He may have thought she was 40.

I wonder if she knew he was Amish. Was he churning a handful of butter in the pics?

I still don’t get how he had a cell phone.

Cell phones are allowed in many (Amish) communities. Not being “on the grid” they can be disabled, so to speak, on the Sabbath and are considered less addictive. The dude who came up with that last doesn’t know my neighbors kids.

After this anything ceased to shock me. Amish and bikers in joint drug venture.

Am I the only one to read the article to find out exactly what sexting was? Spell check doesn’t even recognize that word.

Yep. Depends on the sect and the bishop.

Around here, a year or so ago, an Amish man used his cell phone to stay in touch with his English girlfriend and plan the murder of his wife, who was shot in her bed while their multiple young children slept. Both he and his girlfriend were convicted and are doing 15 (husband) or 25 (girlfriend, who actually pulled the trigger) to life.

Amish people are just that. People. The percentage of awful ones is about the same as the percentage of awful people everywhere else.

Don’t tell me you’re amish.

OTOH that would have made one unforgettable “To Catch a Predator” video segment…

You are showing your age. :slight_smile: Sexting isn’t even the latest terror to affect parents. I think it’s like, two or three terrors old now. Basically all* parents are terrified that their little darlings are sexting pictures of their nekkid bodies to all and sundry without any thought to what might be happening down the road.


Thank you :smack:

And cars and trucks and tractors and the internets (I think internet is severely limited, but I definitely get e-mails and Facebook updates from my Amish CSA.). I’m told that the rules can be pretty skewey. An intern that worked there told me that some of the Amish will use one of those old school non-motorized lawn mowers, but they’ll tie it to the back of a tractor and mow the lawn that way. I cannot confirm that independently.