Amnesia at work

I take one day off from work…ONE stinking day, and everything goes to hand in a hellbasket:

Co-irker #1 deleted a table from a database, continues working with it until I get in and asks if it can be fixed. (Well, since you over-wrote the table by continuing to enter data, no, it can’t be fixed. :smack: )

Co-irker #2 forgets how to use personal folders in email and their account is shut down for being over size limit, sits twiddling thumbs until they hear me come in. (For two hours?! )

Someone else forgets how to find a server. It’s so tempting to reach under their desk, grab the LAN cable and tell them to follow it to the other end, which is where you’ll find a server. Oh, that’s not the one you want? There’s other cables connected to the thing - take one and follow it off to wherever it goes. :rolleyes:

Anyone else here work with people like this? Want some more to complete your collection? Please??

I wouldn’t know what a server was if I followed a cable to it.
What is it? A box? Another computer like mine? A wall of cables like a phone closet? Don’t know. Don’t care. That’s your job.

Yes, it is my job, but the clueless individual that couldn’t find the server was my manager, who in theory, should know at least as much as I do.

If everyone around you is that incompetent then this would be a great time to ask for a raise. or… take your managers job. Why is it that most managers I’ve ever known have been less competent than at least fifty percent of the people they manage?

I had to teach a manager one time how to figure out how much to pay me since I often worked 3 and 1/4 hours or something like that in high school. He had never figured pay with anything other than even hours like 1,2,3 hours. Never dealt with fractions. Apparently he didn’t have the capacity to learn then since, he would just end up rounding my hours up. If I worked 3 hours and 5 minutes he counted that as 4 hours. Lots of extra money but how did he get to be a manager? I don’t get it either.

Hell that guy may well be your current manager.

Managers manage people who know what they’re doing.
Managers don’t know everything, that’s why they have workers who do.
If managers knew everything, we wouldn’t need you.

Right said, Fred! :smiley:

If we wanted to do everything ourselves, you would all be outta work! Now, get back to it, so I can surf the web! And, No, you can’t have a raise.

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