Amnesty International goes on a retroactive fishing expedition.

First they called Guantanamo detention facility a GULag, then after considerable public uproar they start calling actual GULag survivors asking whether such a comparison is at all valid.

So far, no confirmation. Not a single one.

Several days ago I received a telephone call from an old friend who is a longtime Amnesty International staffer. He asked me whether I, as a former Soviet “prisoner of conscience” adopted by Amnesty, would support the statement by Amnesty’s executive director, Irene Khan, that the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba is the “gulag of our time.”
In similar vein, I’d like to make a statement, that may or may not be true. I have no idea, I just want to say it because I feel like it.

“Amnesty International is fond of using smear tactics.”


Having said that, I’d like to go on a fishing expedition of my own.

I’d like to ask those who ever were victims of smear and slander whether my statement is true, true to an extent or not true at all.

I set only one condition: before you state your opinion, give at least one example when you were unjustly smeared. Any Single Example. That way we can debate what a smear is and whether AI is indeed using it.

I have a feeling this isn’t going to go well…

Get thee to a Pittery!!

No. Don’t wanna.

Apples and oranges.

I’ve been smeared and slandered all over this board. Any cite is easy enough.

In any case, no, AI isn’t using ‘smear tactics.’ I believe the appropriate terms is ‘inflammatory rhetoric.’

Perhaps your definition is closer to the truth, fushj00mang. Although I think they are not mutually exclusive. One can smear people (and country) by using ‘inflammatory rhetoric’ as much as by rumor and innuendo.

I admit, I really hate that the word Nazi has been so… well… degraded. The word used to mean something, something truly terrible. Solzhenitsyn would turn over in his grave if he weren’t alive to hear the word gulag having the same treatment.

When you call someone a Nazi, you’re not just saying, 'I don’t like you!" You’re saying their a mass-mudering monster, the very worst of humanity, a horror thankfully unequalled except in some of the Communist countries.

Well, looks like there is something we all can agree upon.