Amsterdam in September?

What is there to do in Amsterdam in early September?

I’m travelling down south for the Goodwood Revival in early September and I thought that afterwards - around 9th Sep - I might go on for 4-5 days in Amsterdam. The last time I was there - 3 years ago - it rained every day so while I saw the museums, I didn’t do much wandering around, nor did I take any of the canal cruises.

There were a few things on the linked thread I didn’t do, so they’re on the list, but I’m wondering more about open air events, and unusual showings. I’m not averse to travelling out of town, but I won’t have a car, so bimbling around Amsterdam itself would be preferred.

I am, of course, looking at sites like I Amsterdam. It looks like I’ll be catching the Fringe, which looks fun.

Be prepared for rain. More specifically, assume it’ll be raining with a cold wind, have a rain jacket and a warm layer underneath, and just force yourself out.
The On the Roof Film Festival is around that time. That link is for the 2017 iteration; I don’t think the 2018 dates are finalized.
The 2nd weekend in September is Open Monument Day. Look for a key flag flying from historical monuments–it means you can get in for free.
The West Beach Film Festival is mid-September.

I will be prepared. I have previous experience, remember? :slight_smile: But driving rain is no fun.

That could be fun.

Agh! I expect to be arriving on the Sunday, so I’ll miss that. :frowning: