Amsterdope! (Psssst...BoomFly)

Oh goody, hibernicus, you’re still coming! I thought I might have put you off with my little faux pas last night. :o <—see, I’m still blushing!

And of course we don’t mind you coming! I can’t wait to meet you, and I’m sure everyone else feels the same. :smiley:

You’re as welcome as anyone else hibernicus. The whole idea of these things is to meet people and have the craic. The more the better IMO. Looking forward to meeting you.

Maybe we can meet up for a pint before we go.

Okay, insecurity evaporating rapidly. Hibernicus is now revealed as his true brash (not to say insufferable) self :smiley:

Didn’t know about them, basically. And also, I’m pretty new around here. I first discovered the on-line SD column in August, registered on the SDMB in October, and posted my first post here here on 23 November.

Hanging out mainly in GQ I only gradually became aware not everyone was American. And then this week in this thread I overhear Yojimbo inviting someone for a drink in O’Neill’s, he sends me over here, and here I am.

More information than you needed, right? :wink:

You know what I think? I think we should all refuse to talk to Globey until she agrees to come. And I think we should post often and loudly about how much fun we’re going to have.

Just you watch, after a week of being deprived of my little bon mots, she’ll quit her job, marry one of the nice men I’ve found for her and stay in Europe for the rest of her life! :smiley:

It’s just not a true DoperFest without our favorite Canuk :frowning:

Hey woman, where’s mine?

Oh, Sue, you know I couldn’t stop talking to you even if I tried. You come on down, too! Right now, we are looking at a severe overabundance of testosterone at Amsterdope! Me & fierra are married women, what are we going to do with that?!?! We need some more nice wimmins, preferably Canadian to come!

Oh wait, I said nice women, I guess that counts out you and Globey…


Isn’t it funny how the one person I really wanted to post in here never showed up? Where are you Boomfly? We want you to come, too!

Well, tatertot suggested I bring the fiancee to even up the gender balance, but she’s not coming. “I’m planning to go to Amsterdam with a bunch of dopers, wanna come?” probably wouldn’t be a very good start, so I did my best to explain what the Straight Dope is and so on. But she still doesn’t want to go, so it’ll just be me.

Sure, Amsterdam is the kind of city engaged women happily let their spouses-to-be go to all by themselves :smiley:

He must have told her that he’s going to be going out with you, Clogster. If that doesn’t keep the girls away, I don’t know what will!


Is this about an Amsterdam dopefest?
I love Amsterdam!!! And I could stay at a friends flat maybe :slight_smile:
If I got this wrong and this is really about brownies, masturbation or pesticides, just ignore my ramblings :smiley:


Dodgy, it’s the weekend of March 17. It would be great if you could come! If you can’t stay with a friend, fierra and I were talking about splitting a room to keep expenses down.

I’ll send you the e-mail I sent the others.

BTW, Snormy, I’m sorry about the whole stalking incident, but would you please tell your e-mail to let this one itty bitty mail get through? :frowning: I’ll bet you accept Fraulein Superfreak’s e-mails. :wink:

I would love to be going…

And why are you not going?

I have a family event that I cannot miss, under pain of death, over that weekend, so I can’t make Amsterdope.

But I’ll still want a phone call!!

That’s not a very nice thing to say, tater - I’m insulted. Anyway, I’ve got your latest mail, so there’s no reason for you to go around sulking.

Oh, and I’m all for more nice Canadian women at dopefests. Or non-Canadian - or even non-nice - as the case might be.

S. Norman

I just don’t want to be overwhelmed by testosterone! Promise me you won’t want to play Playstation and talk about F1 all weekend, please?

Oh yes, and we must go dancing again, all of us. I insist. :wink:

I’m very happy to report that the weekend of the 17th is also going to be a Shopping Opportunity!

So, now I’m all happy and cheery again, although still suspiscious of why only Snormy’s e-mail cruelly rejected my missives. Is it because I use Telekom? That’s it, isn’t it? :frowning:

And you don’t see me making these kinds of comments about the others, do you?

Yeee haw!

I’m happy to report that Sunday, March 18, is the day of the 2001 Malaysian Grand Prix!!

Since it’s in Asia, this probably means that those who crash at my place are going to be forced to watch it right after returning home after a full saturday nights bout of serious drinking. :smiley:

  • or did these posts get seriously mixed up ?

To recap: tater, I got your mail and I’ve even replied. Why on Earth would I want to screen out your mails ? I’ll refrain from commenting on Telekom, but they are a pain in the backside. And I have no idea why you’re thinking I’m so smart, but hold on to the thought.

Twisty, too bad you can’t make it - and no, I was not referring to your post with the “fighting words” remark. Too bad you can’t be there.

Right, did that clear up the mess ?

I’ve no problem with shopping as long as I’m not supposed to be present - F1, OTOH…

S. Norman