Amsterdope..... who's bringing the 'amsters?

Rather than bump a 4 page thread that has been forgotten about,

I thought I would open another one purely to arrange the travel details and accomodation plans.

I will me travelling on the friday, no time confirmed, and I believe that I will be curling up in a ball on Coldy’s floor, still to be confirmed, and leaving on Monday.
Could we arrange Roomies in this thread also?
We have 3 weeks left to plan this!!

Arriving Friday, 11:15am BA flight 8113
Departing Monday, 12:00 BA flight 8114

Has the hotel been decided yet? I’m not keen on sharing so will go with a single, at whatever hotel we choose.

I am currently trying to find cheep airfare from the states, and assuming I can get my passport in time, I’ll be there, also planning on curling up in a ball on Clogboy’s floor. Do ya think Europe is ready for Weirddave? And, more importantly, I hear Amsterdam has a rather prominient night life and erotic entertainment district. Do you think I can use it all up in one weekend?:wink:

I am arriving Friday, March 16th at 11:45AM on KLM flight 602
Departing Monday, March 19th at 11:40AM on KLM flight 601

Here is the hotel information copied from my last post in the other thread…

Apparently we’ve narrowed it down to 3 hotels:
**Nicolaas Witsen * * ***
Single room: NLG 125, includes breakfast, services and taxes. Private shower / toilet, TV, radio, telephone and safe.

Double room: NLG 175, includes breakfast, services and taxes. Private shower / toilet, TV, radio, telephone and safe.

Pictures of the rooms & facilities can be found here

Located here.
**Hotel Nadia * ***

Single room: NLG 150, includes breakfast, taxes and services. Private shower, toilet, TV and telephone, fridge.

Double room: NLG 225, includes breakfast, taxes and services. Private shower, toilet, TV and telephone, fridge.

Other amenities: Some rooms with full canal view. Some with own balcony and some reserved for non-smokers. On request: Room service, Coffee and Tea facilities, Fax and Email facilities, Hairdryer, Iron, Radio, Safe, Laundry service, Babysitting facilities.

Pictures of the rooms & facilities can be found here

Located here.
**Mercure Hotel * * * ***

Single room: Special March rate (through 3/19) **NLG 200 ** (regularly NLG 425), excluding breakfast (NLG 33.50 per person) and 5% city tax, including services. Maximum 2 persons per room. Rooms have coffee and tea facilities, individual airconditioning, guest safe, trouser press, hairdryer, Robobar and TV with video channel.

Double or twin: NLG 200 (regularly NLG 465), amenities same as above.

(Once you add the tax, room rates are NLG 210 and if you want breakfast - NLG 243.50. Must book online for these rates)

Other amenities: Room service, Fitness room, Bar, Restaurant, Sauna, Solariums and Turkish bath, Squash court.

Pictures of the rooms & facilities can be found here.

Located here (5 minutes from Casa Coldy).
So, any votes? I’m kindof torn. The Nicolaas Witsen is the cheapest, but it seems to have fewer amenities (although they may just not have listed them all on that site). The Mercure comes out cheaper than Hotel Nadia for a double room if you don’t want breakfast every day. But again, it’s hard to compare because it’s like apples and oranges - depends if you want a modern 4-star hotel or a more quaint little hotel in the middle of town. I’m open to any of them, but am leaning towards staying closer to Coldy’s place to make getting together and hanging out more convenient.
Dave, that’s great that you might come, too! I don’t know what you consider cheap, but you can get there from Baltimore for $561.88, which I think is pretty darn good…

Departing Baltimore Thursday, March 15, 2:35 PM to Boston on USAirways flight 951, arriving at 4:00 PM
Depart Boston, 6:45 PM to Amsterdam on Northwest Airlines flight 38, arriving at 7:35 AM Friday.
Total flight time: 8hr 15mn (11hr 0mn with connections)

Depart Amsterdam Monday, March 19, 2:20 PM to Boston on Northwest flight 37, arriving at 4:20 PM
Depart Boston, 5:55 PM to Baltimore on USAirways flight 1203, arriving at 7:32 PM
Total flight time: 9hr 37mn (11hr 12mn with connections)

Also, as far as passport information, you can find the nearest passport facility by going to They do offer expedited service for an additional $35 if you’re traveling within 14 days of your application.

Hope you can make it!!

Thanks Jill, but I already picked up my Tickets today, and am going to get my pasport tomorrow. See ya in Europe!

Picked up my tickets.

Departing Dublin 6.50 a.m. (yes, A.M.!!!) Arriving Amsterdam 9.25 AM. (I have a long wait for you people!!) 16th of March.

Departing Amsterdam 7.50am on the 19th of March.

BTW, Have you any suggestions for the sign I should Hold up at the Arrivals lounge for you all to recognise me?

I think I’d best be there with a general “Cecil Adams” sign or something. You arrive at 9:25, Twisty?? Jaysus. :wink:

I suppose I could hang out with you and wait for the others ro arrive - looks like they’re all coming in about the same time. I can carry four passengers and a little luggage in my car. But the train connections are excellent as well. :wink:

Shayna, I thought you wouldn’t leave until Tuesday morning?

It has come to my attention that several people wish to crash at my place. :smiley:

OK, here are the ones that I already promised a spot and that I’m sure said yes: yojimbo, TwistofFate, Weirddave, Spiny Norman. I know Hybernicus was looking for a spot as well, but I’m not sure whether he was just going to take a hotel room, or if he wanted to crash at my place. And maybe I’m leaving out people, I don’t know.

The four people that are confirmed up there are no problem. I have one spare bed (a guest room, even!), and two 3 seater couches that sleep like paradise. I’ve got an air matress as well. And one sleeping bag. Pillows ought to be OK as well, although two people ought to bring their own sleeping bag.

Should the number of people that crash at my place (bear in mind, there’s only one toilet and one shower!) increase, that means they’ll have to bring their own sleeping gear. We’ll have to sort out who brings what, of course.

Any questions?

Will you have adapters for a hair dryer or should we bring our own? :wink:

Hey Coldie – Did you miss Diane’s post where she said she was staying at your place – with the three children and He-Man.

The driver thinks me and the boys from the pub will be at your place by lunchtime. Some of them are bringing hammocks so we should be ok. Can the coach driver sleep in the bathroom ?

No tickets yet but I think I’ve decided on those mid-grey open toed, half heel pair. They seem to coordinate with several things…what do you think, really ?

Shayna, Dave – You might well find your flights come in ½ hour to 45 minutes early. Tends to happen very often coming west to east and especially on the red eye’s

Sorry. I doubt I’ll make it now. Don’t you just love work?

well, I have to say that the grey open toed are so last season…

Arrrgh!!! Mattk! How can you not be making it?? We need you!!

Gulf streams… we owe them so much…
Anyway, I’ll be in the airport from early on so I will be able to meet everyone as they arrive.

I’m already envisioning a mad race across Schipol yelling “Quick! Quick! Hibernicus is coming!!” much the the confusment of everyone else in the Airport.

Since the place nearly got blown to smithereens last month, Schiphol can handle a few Dopers, I think. :wink:

mattk: DAMN! Isn’t there something you can arrange?

London_Calling: “on the red eyes”? What does that mean?

Incidently, I’ll be in London this weekend. Should my GF have to work (which happens), I might be up for a pint or two somewhere Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Maybe you Londoners could mail me your phone numbers?

‘Red Eye’s’ – dated terminology (that’s me !) for the overnight flights across the Atlantic. Passengers arrive looking (except in Shayna’s case) a little tired due to the time difference.

Bad news matt, sorry to hear that.

Coldie – ding ! ooh, e-mail.

Duly noted, LC.

The only red about Shayna is her hair, of course :wink:

[sub]But does, as they say, the book match the cover?[/sub]


What have I gotten myself into?! :eek:

The “Red Eyes” are the overnight/very early morning flights that Buisnessmen take to make meetings. hence “red eyes” from travelling being tired and jetlagged.

Another English thing you may not know, Coldie, is the euphemism ‘matching collar and cuffs’. Refers to the colour of a woman’s visible hair as opposed to……………
Is that the time already ?…………………………….must dash !

And my cheeks, now!

I cannot believe you guys are speculating as to the color of my ‘cuff’. But since you’re sooooooooo curious, suffice it to say that I never leave the house without making certain that all of my accessories match. :wink: :smiley:

Now, about those pumps…