Amsterdope! (Psssst...BoomFly)

I sent out the first mailing yesterday, but now I’m wondering if my e-mail spazzed on me again. Did everyone get them?

Boomfly, your e-mail is not listed, so if you could drop me a mail, that would be great. The addy is

This is going to be great! Hoo!Ahh!

I got one :slight_smile:

I didn’t get anything. Then again I didn’t mail you to be put on the list. I sort of figured you’d include me, what with me living in Amsterdam and all :slight_smile:

NOT FAIR! - I didn’t get a mail.

Are you scheming behind my back ?

S. Norman

Good, I thought maybe I just dreamed sending it! I had one of those restless, not asleep but not awake nights last night. I have also been wearing jammies for 3 days…I am a pathetic little tater indeed! :frowning:

But I’m glad I did send it! Now, we just gotta hope it made sense and was in English…

Wait a second…just looked down…what is going on here? Yoji, could you send me a copy of the mail I sent you, so I can send it to them?

Children, this is why writing mails at 12:30 at night, doped on NyQuil is not a good idea.

Well the mail I got was titled “Amsterdope” but it only sent to me and was about telling micilin and pergau about it.

If you’re talking about a group mail then no I didn’t get one.

Arghhh! Okay, I’ll send out another one.

And Clogster, why do you assume I would just put you on the list? Snormy didn’t just assume that I would put him on the list, Yoji didn’t just assume that I would put you on the list…frankly, I am getting a bit tired of you and your “assumptions”. I feel like I’m doing all the work in this relationship! Sniff…:frowning: <—See, I am frowning, that is just how sad this makes me.

Snormy, I would never scheme behind your back, because I feel, and I’m being 100% honest here, that of all the Dopers in the world, you are the smartest and most likely to be able to catch me at any plotting and scheming I might do. I find that…intriguing. Plus, I want to be invited back to Hamburg and go to Molly Malone’s again!

Yoji, You cute! Just didn’t want to leave you out, even if you have abandoned me for the Senorita!

As if I’d ever abandon a Tot for a sultry dark skinned sexy Iberian beauty :wink:

When you put it that way Yoji, I would even abandon me! :smiley:

I tried again…stupid e-mail server thingy doesn’t want to cooperate. Bah. I will get to the bottom of this problem, I will!

Get that thingy and give a good virtual kick in the 'nads.
God I’m going to be so good at my new job :wink:

I’m really sorry if you wind up getting this mail 3 times. :o

Grrrr…I shouldn’t have to deal with this crap! I’m a Performance Artist, not a technological type person. Bah. I did indeed give a whack with my mighty hammer and I’m not afraid to do it again.

Okay, after this I promise I’ll shut up for at least an hour.

Snormy, your mail keeps getting bounced back to me, you don’t still have that restraining order out against me, do you? I thought we’d worked that out! :wink: Anyhoo, I’ll leave a note to myself to send it out again.

Received mine loud and clear, tater!

This is the obligatory whiny and envious post from me.


This is my obligatory post half-jokingly suggesting that Clogster sell the Peugot to raise money for us to buy my dear Globey a ticket to come see us.

Also, obligatory I’ve found a man for you Globey remark.

I generally say lots of happy exclamatory things at this point in a post!!!

Insert assorted smilies here.

Semi-funny inside joke.

More smilies.

Only received one copy so far - are you sure that you hit it hard enough? :wink:

It’s Peugeot, dammit! And I ain’t selling it for noone. Hell, if Annie wants to come, she can sell her Goldplated Tarzan Threeway Dildo :wink:

Wait a minute. That last sentence would be contradictory, were it not for the fact that she has two of those monsters.

Plus, she’s gonna kill me now. :smiley:

If she kills you, can you leave all your money to me, so that I can buy her a plane ticket?

I wuv my Annie…she is amazing. :wink:

No, only once, thanks Tater.

Oh, and anyone who wants to reassure this nearly-newbie that it’s really okay to crash your party, go right ahead.

(Still a little insecure, Tatertot’s kind words :cool: notwithstanding).
PS That’s my first SDMB Smily --------------^

so… how many Irish does that make now?

Why havent you made it to any of the dublin meetings, Hib?