Amusing Anxiety Dream

(Background: I’m a married guy. For the past 6 months, I’ve had a major crush on an Other Woman (“OW.”) We’ve spent time together but nothing physical has happened.)

So I dreamt just now that I was hanging out with OW one weekend and she decided to go to Antartica on a whim and invited me. I let her arrange things and so we ended up there – me her, and my car. All of a sudden she needs to go back to the United States so she leaves. I start trying to find someone to bring my car back and discover that all shippers have closed down for the approaching winter (it’s June). As the dream ends, the sun is getting lower and lower in the sky and I’m wondering how to explain and I start to realize that I won’t make it back for work on Monday and how will I explain all this to Mrs. Lucwarm.

I once had a dream about the OW myself. We had had a wonderful passionate love making session and were basking in the after glow when I heard my wife coming in down stairs. I am scrambling around trying to cover my tracks and begging Ms. OW to hide, which she is sort of doing but not very well (seemingly intentionally). Then my wife walks in and seeing us and burst out in laughter (at least what I initially think is laughter) then leaves the room. I follow her and find the laughter was really her bursting into tears, the most pitiful and sorrowful tears ever. At that moment I felt like the lowest form of life imaginable. When I woke up I was SO SO SO happy and relieved it was only a dream.