Amusing definitions of logical fallacies

And they’re good too.

Look ye here for definitions of logical fallacies which are amusing and illustrate their definitions well.

Hitler did it too?

New motto for the Pit? Cool set of defs. :slight_smile:

That’s great.

“The No True Scotsman fallacy is the best fallacy. All philosophers agree on this.”
“But Wittgenstein is a philosopher, and he disagrees.”
“Wittgenstein, maybe. But no true philosopher disagrees!”

“Poisoning The Well is the best fallacy… Ah, but I see my learned interlocuter is about to launch into another farrago of smoke and mirrors intended to convince you otherwise.”
“Tu Quoque is the best fallacy.”
“You haven’t proved that.”
“Well you never prove anything either!”

Straw man is the best fallacy because all the others claim to magically make your dick bigger.

OK, that got me an odd look from my co-workers… :smiley: