Amusing MPAA Rating Descriptors

The Motion Picture Association of America has for the past few years put rating descriptors into their rating boxes. Some of them are straightforward- violence, sex, language, etc. But, as this article shows, some of them are rather unusual. Some other things the MPAA is concerned about, apparently:

-zombie violence
-scenes of dental torture
-non-stop ninja action (This one could also double as a review- “Non-Stop Ninja Action! Roger Ebert*”)
-lots of language
-hockey rough-housing
-irresponsible gun use
-an adolescent punch in the nose
-a bawdy puppet show

and of course, the all-time famous description, for Twister:
“rated PG-13 for intense depictions of very bad weather”

The MPAA’s own rating database should be a good source of some more.

(Thanks to Ken Jennings)

*Please note that Roger Ebert never said this about 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up, nor did he ever review the film. However, he did say its predecessor, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, was “a kids’ movie that seems to have been assembled from spare parts of “The Goonies,” “Bad News Bears” and “Home Alone.”” That doesn’t sound as good on a video box, though.[/sub]