Amusingly hyperbolic article about the concentrated AWESOME of the iPhone 5.

GAME OVER - Five Reasons the iPhone 5 Will Dominate

None of the stated reasons go very far in persuading me to accept the premise, but reason #4 seems more like a over-the-top parody of a stereotypical Apple fan than anything:

Awesome! This product will DOMINATE based on its hardware specs*, which are approximately the same (or perhaps not quite as good) as the competition’s.


The iPhone 5. :slight_smile:

Anyone who uses the term “game over” in relation to a smartphone is a dill. Even accepting that this particular phone will dominate for some (almost certainly short) period, you have to be a certain type of clueless to see this as anything other than a very temporary waypoint on a continuum that is stretching up out of sight. I know that the author is just being hyperbolic, but the entire tone is of some sort of breakthrough when the reality is that this is just another somewhat better and more featured phone, which people will be throwing away as hopelessly outdated in a few years’ time.

God I’m getting chubby from that article and I own a Droid!

The iPhone 5 needs a commercial like this.

Let me guess… you’re not a Mac person, right?

Good guess. Ain’t no hater, though - I like gear of any flavour, if it’s going to work for me.

I just find this article funny as all hell - starting with such a provocative declaration - “GAME OVER! HERE COMES THE DOMINATOR!”

Then the faint praise… "It’s not going to tied to a notoriously spotty carrier any more… and… it looks like you’ll be able to sync it wirelessly (like current Android phones…) and… it’ll save your photos in a higher resolution (but most likely still with a peep-hole lens…) and… Oh… yeah… the SPECS! Well, a more powerful CPU will just bring it in line with the current crop of phones, but that doesn’t matter because it’s the new iPhone.

Wrapping up with… “I don’t actually know anything concrete about the new iPhone - but I’m confident that everyone else is just going to have to close up shop and go home. Game over, man, Game over.”

Hilarious. And so, so earnest.

Any clues when this puppy will be out? If it’s not long, I’ll wait, if not I’ll just go with the 4 right now. I’ve seen everything from NOW to October. Which is less than helpful. The wiki tells me it’s long overdue.

I really hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t care about hardware specifications when it comes to my text message machine / in-a-pinch reference tool.

My thought process basically goes: Does it have a physical keyboard? Yes = probably use it. No = don’t bother.

My sausage fingers and touch screen keyboards don’t get along - I can play simple games on my iPod Touch, but I hate trying to type without clicky keys.

If a smart phone, for you, is best described as “my text message machine / in-a-pinch reference tool”, it makes sense why you wouldn’t care about hardware specs. However, most people who do care about hardware specs et al would generally use it more intensively than you.

That’s not intended as a slam, btw. It’s kind of like the difference between a PC owner who uses their desktop computer to check email and go online and maybe use Word or Excel every so often and a PC owner who is a dedicated gamer and loves insanely demanding, processor-hungry games. Both are totally valid subsets of PC owners, but their usage and needs are very different.

I’ve heard September, but no clues beyond that. I’m also curious; my iPhone 3Gs is two years old now, so I can get an upgrade. But I don’t want to get the iPhone 4 if the iPhone 5 is a few months away.

I do find it amusing that the overly-enthusiastic article linked to in the OP was published in PCWorld.

i’m not trying to change your mind. i just want to point out that fat sausage fingers and tiny keyboards does not make a pair.

Let’s see these reasons:
1. On Verizon
Android has been on Verizon even longer…
**2) OS 5. Apple has already shared with us the details of iOS 5. The new iOS will finally free the iPhone (and iPad) from the PC–syncing and updating wirelessly instead of requiring a physical connection to a USB port. **
Like Android has done since day 1…
3) iCloud
Android has synced email and contacts and calendar also since day 1… And can sync music through various different apps that have been around a while (doubletwist, winamp)
4) hardware already mentioned in the OP
5) 8 megapixel camera
Wow, just like the one my Droid X has that was released last year!

I’m not an iPhone hater, they look like great devices. But this article is pretty bad.

I used to think the same thing (especially after owning an iPhone and always making typos,) until I got an Android phone with Swype. It’s glorious. I even got a hardware keyboard on my phone because I didn’t think Swpye was going to be as good as everyone said it was, but i was wrong…I never use my phyislca keyboard anymore, and almost everyone I know who thought the same way I did and has tried Swype feels the same way.

You don’t need precision because you never lift your finger from the phone for a word…just swipe from one letter to the next. It’s pretty good as guessing what you mean.

Agree. I thought I’d always have phones with a physical keyboard, but after I tried Swype back on my T-Mobile G1 I realized I didn’t need one.

Pie on demand! I gotta get me one of those!

Take this with a grain of salt, since I’m practically an Apple/Mac fanboy, but the way I’ve heard it explained is that since Apple makes the hardware and OS, they are able to optimize the experience. And since that’s what Apple really cares about, the experience, as long the phone reacts quickly and the GUI seems smooth, they don’t care as much about raw specs.


The Register consistantly refers to Apple’s telecommunications product as the “Jesus Phone”. I’m hoping a competitor will release something to blow it out of the water, just so I can read the headline “Jesus Phone Crucified”.

My Nokia E71 begs to differ - it’s got keys that are slightly raised in the middle, so I can rest the edge of my thumb in the space between keys and sort of roll my thumb over the letter I want.

Swype does sound interesting, though.

oh yes, i haven’t tried it but the very concept sounds so intuitive. i wonder if something similar could legally be implemented on iOS?

Well, you clicked it, read it, and then shared it so more people would click it. I’d say they did their job. Would it have been more interesting if the headline was “iPhone 5 a Little Bit Better Than Before”?

I personally don’t care if they put a Cray supercomputer inside it if it still won’t let me change my goddamn e-mail and sms tones.